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NIT Durgapur Cut-off 2022: Category and Course-wise


NIT Durgapur Cut-off 2022: The Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) will release the JEE Main cut-off for NIT Durgapur following the official declaration of the entrance exam results on the official website. As the JoSAA counselling schedule progresses, the NIT Durgapur cut-off for various rounds of seat allotments will be updated here. JEE Main cut-off for NIT Durgapur is the minimum rank required by the candidates to get admission in the B.Tech courses. The minimum qualifying rank will depend on numerous factors, including the difficulty level of the test, the number of candidates, seat availability, and reservation criteria.

JoSAA is the official authority to facilitate admissions to NIT Durgapur. Authorities will release the NIT cut-offs by closing ranks for each category and course offered at the institute. This article will provide you with the complete information related to the NIT Durgapur cut-off 2022, factors that determine the cut-off marks, and the cut-off trends of the previous year, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017. Continue reading this article to know more.

NIT Durgapur Cut-off 2022: Institute Overview

Before we get into the NIT Durgapur cut-off details, let us have a look at the NIT Durgapur institute overview, which is crucial for all candidates to know:

Established In1960
NIRF Ranking (2022)Ranked 7th (Engineering Category)
Mode of EducationFull-time
No. of Departments14
No. of Courses29
Application ModeOnline
Official Websitewww.nitdgp.ac.in

NIT Durgapur Cut-off 2022: Important Dates

The counselling and seat allocation schedule for 2022 for NIT Durgapur following the JoSAA counselling is as below:

EventDate (Tentative)
Availability of Application FormTo be Announced
Last Date of Application FormTo be Announced
Counselling Process StartsTo be Announced
Candidate Registration/ Choice-fillingTo be Announced
NIT Durgapur 1st Cut-offTo be Announced
Online Reporting: Fee Payment/ Document Upload (Round 1)To be Announced
NIT Durgapur 2nd Cut-offTo be Announced
Online Reporting: Fee Payment/ Document Upload (Round 2)To be Announced
NIT Durgapur 3rd Cut-offTo be Announced
Online Reporting: Fee Payment/ Document Upload (Round 3)To be Announced

NIT Durgapur Cut-off: Notable Points

Here are some important points on the NIT Durgapur cut-off 2022 that all candidates must be aware of before participating in the counselling process:

  • Candidates must note that the NIT Durgapur cut-off will differ for each category, gender, state quotas (home state and other states) and every course offered in NIT Durgapur. 
  • The NIT Durgapur cut-off 2022 will be released by JoSAA once the JoSAA 2022 counselling procedure is complete.
  • Candidates who qualify in the JEE Main 2022 or JEE Advanced 2022 examinations will be eligible to participate in the counselling procedure.
  • All eligible candidates who will fulfil the JoSAA counselling eligibility criteria will be assigned seats based on their category following payment of the JoSAA counselling fees.

NIT Durgapur Cut-off 2022: Important Dates

The counselling and seat allocation schedule for NIT Durgapur in accordance with the JoSAA Counselling is as follows:

Candidate Registration/ Choice FillingTo Be Announced
NIT Durgapur 1st Cut-offTo Be Announced
Online Reporting: Fee Payment/ Document Upload (Round 1)To Be Announced
NIT Durgapur 2nd Cut-offTo Be Announced
Online Reporting: Fee Payment/ Document Upload (Round 2)To Be Announced
NIT Durgapur 3rd Cut-offTo Be Announced
Online Reporting: Fee payment/ Document Upload (Round 3)To Be Announced
NIT Durgapur 4th Cut-offTo Be Announced
Online reporting: Fee Payment/ Document Upload (Round 4)To Be Announced
NIT Durgapur 5th Cut-offTo Be Announced
Online Reporting: Fee Payment/ Document Upload (Round 5)To Be Announced
NIT Durgapur 6th Cut-offTo Be Announced
Online Reporting: Fee Payment/ Document Upload (Round 6)To Be Announced

The NIT Durgapur cut-off 2022 is below for you to check. However, you will also be able to analyse the cut-off trends for the previous years of 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017.

NIT Durgapur Cut-off 2021 – Round 1 and 2

National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, currently offers eight undergraduate programs.

  • Bio-Technology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

NIT Durgapur also offers two courses in dual degree programs and 21 courses in postgraduate programs in engineering and technology. 

Once the JoSAA 2021 counselling process was over, the officials released the NIT Durgapur cutoff.

HS-Home State, OS-Other State, OR- Opening Rank, CR- Closing Rank

Candidates can check the JEE Main cutoff for NIT Durgapur 2021 in the table below.

CourseQuotaSeat TypeGenderOR-CR (R1)OR-CR (R2)
Bio-Technology (4 Years, B.Tech)HSOPENGender-Neutral15338-3669333277-39559
 HSOPENFemale only35396-3659035396-39141
 HSOPEN (PwD)Gender-Neutral1020-10201020-1020
 HSEWSFemale only8905-89058905-8905
 HSSCFemale only5591-55915591-5591
 HSSTFemale only13115-1311519973-19973
 OSOPENFemale only25496-3456140721-42826
 OSEWSFemale only6609-66096609-6609
 OSOBC-NCLFemale only15532-1571216800-16863
 OSSCFemale only6317-63176317-6317
Chemical Engineering (4 Years, B.Tech)HSOPENGender-Neutral23615-2713423615-28171
 HSOPENFemale only24844-3033524844-30335
 HSOPEN (PwD)Gender-Neutral1856-18561856-1856
 HSEWSFemale only11803-1180314737-14737
 HSOBC-NCLFemale only24146-2647724146-32272
 HSSCFemale only4425-44254425-4425
 HSSTFemale only9410-94109410-9410
 OSOPENFemale only25797-3333632534-35962
 OSOPEN (PwD)Gender-Neutral1453-14531567-1567
 OSOBC-NCLFemale only12167-1216714177-14177
 OSOBC-NCL (PwD)Gender-Neutral829-829851-851
 OSSCFemale only6399-63996399-6399
 OSSTFemale only2635-26352898-2898
Civil Engineering (4 Years, B.Tech)HSOPENGender-Neutral21801-3124521801-35604
 HSOPENFemale only30895-3232339371-41406
 HSEWSFemale only17680-1768021994-21994
 HSOBC-NCLFemale only28678-3227232117-40065
 HSSCFemale only6132-75156132-8801
 HSSTFemale only9461-94619461-9461
 OSEWSFemale only6401-64016509-6509
 OSOBC-NCLFemale only12689-1534013013-16087
 OSOBC-NCL (PwD)Gender-Neutral492-492659-659
 OSSCFemale only6442-64426449-6449
 OSSTFemale only1359-13591359-1359
Computer Science and Engineering (4 Years, B.Tech)HSOPENGender-Neutral4406-104654406-11109
 HSOPENFemale only5091-147975091-16652
 HSOPEN (PwD)Gender-Neutral181-181181-181
 HSOPEN (PwD)Female only583-583583-583
 HSOBC-NCLFemale only6911-78966911-9597
 HSOBC-NCL (PwD)Gender-Neutral117-117117-117
 HSSCFemale only1708-28711708-2871
 HSSC (PwD)Gender-Neutral143-143143-143
 HSSTFemale only702-1813702-1813
 OSOPENFemale only4869-101894869-10345
 OSOPEN (PwD)Gender-Neutral109-109109-109
 OSEWSFemale only1453-20441453-2044
 OSOBC-NCLFemale only3522-48733522-4988
 OSOBC-NCL (PwD)Gender-Neutral108-108108-108
 OSSC (PwD)Gender-Neutral29-2955-55
 OSSTFemale only654-727654-727
 OSST (PwD)Female only35-3535-35
Electrical Engineering (4 Years, B.Tech)HSOPENGender-Neutral13723-1746713906-17976
 HSOPENFemale only22154-2295122154-22951
 HSOPEN (PwD)Gender-Neutral882-8821078-1078
 HSEWSFemale only9506-950611803-11803
 HSOBC-NCLFemale only23294-2342925603-27099
 HSSCFemale only3012-35973012-3597
 OSOPENFemale only20750-2270621983-22746
 OSOPEN (PwD)Gender-Neutral598-598976-976
 OSEWSFemale only3751-37513751-3751
 OSOBC-NCLFemale only9670-97797880-11257
 OSOBC-NCL (PwD)Gender-Neutral374-374546-546
 OSSCFemale only4816-54445117-5748
 OSSTFemale only1619-16191619-1619
Electronics and Communication Engineering (4 Years, B.Tech)HSOPENGender-Neutral11175-1333511175-13499
 HSOPENFemale only18483-1903218483-20659
 HSOPEN (PwD)Female only615-615615-615
 HSEWSFemale only8189-81899506-9506
 HSOBC-NCL (PwD)Gender-Neutral122-122122-122
 HSSCFemale only2930-29303352-3352
 HSSTFemale only6868-68686868-6868
 OSOPENFemale only12536-1619412536-16194
 OSOPEN (PwD)Gender-Neutral439-439439-439
 OSEWSFemale only3159-31593404-3404
 OSOBC-NCLFemale only5384-62966044-6773
 OSSCFemale only2812-31972812-3197
 OSSC (PwD)Gender-Neutral151-151
 OSSTFemale only1581-15811581-1581
Mechanical Engineering (4 Years, B.Tech)HSOPENGender-Neutral16784-2385718632-26256
 HSOPEN (PwD)Gender-Neutral1511-15111511-1511
 HSOPEN (PwD)Female only2078-2078
 HSEWSFemale only14737-1567415432-17680
 HSOBC-NCLFemale only22873-3049927652-36826
 HSSCFemale only5222-65215222-7168
 HSSTFemale only10980-1326111904-14223
 OSOPENFemale only23832-2834428777-30811
 OSOPEN (PwD)Gender-Neutral1116-11161495-1495
 OSOPEN (PwD)Female only1810-18101810-1810
 OSEWSFemale only5216-55965723-6500
 OSEWS (PwD)Gender-Neutral167-167187-187
 OSOBC-NCLFemale only12120-1484912822-16017
 OSOBC-NCL (PwD)Gender-Neutral468-468597-597
 OSSCFemale only5558-65206354-7129
 OSSTFemale only1994-23102310-2373
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (4 Years, B.Tech)HSOPENGender-Neutral28385-3560429150-37944
 HSEWSFemale only21994-2199423002-23002
 HSOBC-NCLFemale only34542-3454234542-34542
 HSSTFemale only11402-11402
 OSOPENFemale only38397-4124642766-44844
 OSOPEN (PwD)Gender-Neutral2164-21642224-2224
 OSEWSFemale only7011-70117453-7453
 OSOBC-NCLFemale only16880-1688017922-17922
 OSSCFemale only8677-86778677-8677
 OSSTFemale only3197-31973197-3197

Factors That Determine JEE Main Cut-off For NIT Durgapur

Here, we have listed all the parameters that play a crucial role in determining the NIT Durgapur cut-off :

  • Number of candidates who will appear for JEE Main 2022
  • The difficulty level of the exam
  • Number of seats available in different courses at NIT Durgapur
  • Choices of the candidates who are placed higher on the merit list

Previous Years’ NIT Durgapur Cut-off

Let us look at the NIT Durgapur cut-off for the previous years of 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017. It will help the candidates understand the trends and get a rough estimate of whether they will be able to confirm your admissions based on their current rank or not.

NIT Durgapur Cut-off 2020

Here are the JEE Main NIT Durgapur cut-off details based on gender and category for the year 2020:

Course NameCategoryMale (Home State)Male (Other State)Female (Home State)Female (Other State)
Civil EngineeringOBC4274097556238217691
Electronics and Communication EngineeringOBC184723951269938124
Mechanical EngineeringOBC3260275945613415964
Computer Science and EngineeringOBC140592691212605857

NIT Durgapur Cut-off 2019

Candidates can check the category-wise cut-off details of JEE Main NIT Durgapur for the year 2019:

Course NameCategoryMale (Home State)Male (Other State)Female (Home State)Female (Other State)
Mechanical EngineeringOBC2847461035088811348
Civil EngineeringOBC3863278194454711493
Computer Science and EngineeringOBC137172668198594988
Electrical EngineeringOBC230595404366848952
Biotechnology EngineeringOBC48176132295505515780
Electronics and Communication EngineeringOBC193253981277425359
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringOBC47913117774914112582
Chemical EngineeringOBC3928088752053712287

NIT Durgapur Cut-off 2018

In the table below, the aspirants can check the JEE Main NIT Durgapur cut-off details based on gender and category for the year 2018:

Course NameCategoryHome State (Opening Rank)Home State (Closing Rank)Other State (Opening Rank)Other State (Closing Rank)
Mechanical EngineeringGeneral15256259311082017444
 OBC NCL111713392833495454
 OBC NCL1556356268722712276
Civil EngineeringGeneral22040357721376123678
 OBC NCL140594293150256735
Computer Science and EngineeringGeneral16381555343778516
 OBC NCL30041956918872653
Electrical EngineeringGeneral1101022263986515743
 OBC NCL77272539738205207
Chemical EngineeringGeneral18789301731715926425
 OBC NCL107075448959058158
Electronics and Communication EngineeringGeneral524819524783612249
 OBC NCL36282653528564288
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringGeneral23958384642061533477
 OBC NCL2257553054623610776

NIT Durgapur Cut-off 2017

Aspirants may find the JEE Main NIT Durgapur cut-off data depending on the category for the year 2017 in the tables below:

NIT Durgapur Cut-off 2017 – General Category

General Category – Home State Quota

The details about the opening and closing rank for the general category in the home state quota for the year 2017 are below.

Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
Chemical Engineering2114132483
Information Technology1525027133
Electrical Engineering1084124586
Mechanical Engineering1124629862
Civil Engineering3403236208
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering2838436880
Electronics and Communication Engineering1070120076
Computer Science and Engineering740314703

General Category – Other State Quota

The details about the opening and closing rank for the general category in the other state quota for 2017 are given below.

Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
Information Technology921612923
Electrical Engineering1248517653
Chemical Engineering2285826453
Electronics and Communication Engineering1101513486
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering2353932382
Computer Science and Engineering65749003
Mechanical Engineering1182718241
Civil Engineering1532422588

NIT Durgapur Cut-off 2017 – OBC-NCL Category

OBC-NCL Category – Home State Quota

Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering2468231580
Chemical Engineering1413926874
Information Technology1328519699
Civil Engineering2170126125
Electronics and Communication Engineering473613822
Electrical Engineering1105720138
Mechanical Engineering848222127
Computer Science and Engineering49129357

OBC-NCL Category – Other State Quota

Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
Information Technology36394810
Chemical Engineering66818548
Electronics and Communication Engineering40845116
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering988911129
Mechanical Engineering39835963
Electrical Engineering42255836
Civil Engineering60596819
Computer Science and Engineering23263243

NIT Durgapur Cut-off 2017 – SC Category

SC Category – Home State Quota

Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
Electrical Engineering26183833
Chemical Engineering25424521
Mechanical Engineering21303797
Information Technology26633331
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering40205681
Computer Science and Engineering13791842
Electronics and Communication Engineering20173266
Civil Engineering39094643

SC Category – Other State Quota

Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
Chemical Engineering39214858
Mechanical Engineering19713563
Electrical Engineering28063432
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering53386291
Information Technology19743026
Civil Engineering24693683
Electronics and Communication Engineering22163167
Computer Science and Engineering9541367

NIT Durgapur Cut-off 2017 – ST Category

ST Category – Home State Quota

Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
Computer Science and Engineering14562014
Mechanical Engineering9498161
Information Technology34833562
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering1144712488
Civil Engineering28018250
Chemical Engineering1004411505
Electronics and Communication Engineering20863243
Electrical Engineering28553217

ST Category – Other State Quota

Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
Mechanical Engineering9091488
Electrical Engineering7831395
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering15532812
Electronics and Communication Engineering12501525
Information Technology15581596
Chemical Engineering17442456
Computer Science and Engineering847948
Civil Engineering10501396

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FAQs on JEE Main Cut-off for NIT Durgapur

In this section, we have provided some questions that are frequently asked by aspirants related to JEE Main cut-off for NIT Durgapur:

Q.1: When will the NIT Durgapur cut-off be released?

Ans: NIT Durgapur 2022 cut-off will be released by the authorities as the JoSAA counselling rounds conclude. However, the candidates can check the JEE Main cut-off for NIT Durgapur 2022 in this article.

Q2. Who can participate in JoSAA counselling for admission at NIT Durgapur?

Ans: Candidates who have qualified for JEE Main 2022 can register and participate in the JoSAA 2022 counselling and seat allocation procedure. Candidates would be assigned seats for admission to NIT Durgapur or preferred NIT/ IIIT based on their ranks and course and college preferences.

Q3. Is the NIT Durgapur cut-off different from the JEE Main one?

Ans: Yes, the NIT Durgapur cut-off and JEE Main cut-off are entirely different. For JEE Main, the cut-off is a screening criterion for the candidates to feature on the merit list. While the NIT Durgapur cut-off is released in the form of closing ranks for different categories of the candidates and courses offered at the institute.

Q4. Which is the most competitive branch of NIT Durgapur?

Ans: According to the NIT Durgapur first cut-off 2022, Computer Science and Engineering became the most competitive B.Tech course, with a closing cut-off rank of 6548 for all India General applicants.

Q5. What percentile is required for admission to NIT Durgapur?

Ans: Candidates must have obtained a minimum of 75% marks in their 12th class (HSC) examination or be amongst the top 20% of their 12th board exam. For the SC/ST candidates, relaxation is provided as they must have a minimum of 65 per cent in their 12th-grade board exam.

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