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NIT Srinagar JEE Main Cutoff 2022: Check Cutoff for Various Branches


NIT Srinagar Cutoff 2022: NTA had conducted the second session of JEE Main 2022 from July 25 to 30, 2022. JEE Main 2022 July result date was declared on August 8, 2022. Soon after the results are released, NTA will begin the JEE Main counselling process 2022. JEE Main is an engineering entrance exam conducted across India. Candidates want to get good grades in the exam to get admission into the best engineering colleges in India.

NIT is one of the most sought-after colleges among engineering aspirants. The cut-off is the factor that determines which candidates have qualified for the counselling process and who have not. In this article, we have provided details about NIT cutoff 2021 category-wise as well as the NIT Srinagar cut-off JEE Mains for the earlier years.

NIT Srinagar Cutoff JEE Mains 2022

NTA will soon start the counselling process for JEE Main 2022. As soon as the cut-off marks for the exam are available, we will be sure to update them. Meanwhile, candidates can check the previous year’s cut-off scores from 2021 until 2019. This will help them gauge the minimum marks required for admission to NIT Srinagar in 2022.

Parameters Determining the Cut-off of NIT Srinagar

The cutoff of JEE Main 2022 for NIT Srinagar will be prepared based on the parameters given below.

  • The total number of candidates who appeared in JEE Main exam
  • The difficulty level of JEE Main paper
  • Previous years’ cutoff trends
  • JEE Main score of the candidates

NIT Srinagar Cutoff for Previous Years

Candidates can check the cutoff marks for NIT Srinagar for the previous years from the below table.

NIT Srinagar Cut-off 2021

The NIT Srinagar cut-off 2021 for various branches of engineering is as follows.

Course Round Cut-off Marks
B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering 1 19669
2 22066
3 22125
4 22125
5 22125
6 26253
B.Tech. in Civil Engineering 1 43558
2 48877
3 50543
4 52041
5 52456
6 57541
7 70985
8 94197
B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering 1 39683
2 43233
3 44361
4 44723
5 44891
6 52104
7 59241
8 64720
B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering 1 35311
2 39199
3 41035
4 41447
5 41447
6 45495
7 55821
8 57599
B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering 1 30041
2 33846
3 33927
4 34120
5 34268
6 36676
7 40643
8 44079
B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering 1 41530
2 47419
3 49054
4 49577
5 50554
6 56504
7 72504
8 83598
B.Tech. in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 1 45645
2 49419
3 51704
4 53470
5 54558
6 58665
7 81752
8 125194
B.Tech. in Information Technology 1 26252
2 27616
3 27616
4 27616
5 27616
6 30958
7 33077
8 33330

NIT Srinagar JEE Main Cutoff 2020

We provided the cutoff marks for NIT Srinagar as applicable in 2020 in the table below.

Course NameCategoryMale
Civil EngineeringGeneral7633021387296181213872
Civil EngineeringOBC2433511525424759521332
Civil EngineeringEWS2308386022308310192
Civil EngineeringSC2596883842596812575
Civil EngineeringST3101279757075673
Electronics and Communication EngineeringGeneral72663343612135152343612
Electronics and Communication EngineeringOBC2486071138024860720234
Electronics and Communication EngineeringEWS371436281371437582
Electronics and Communication EngineeringSC2765469984113110529
Electronics and Communication EngineeringST64723025107174602
Mechanical EngineeringGeneral92078375315171692380840
Mechanical EngineeringOBC3878471371638784721767
Mechanical EngineeringEWS371777740371779782
Mechanical EngineeringSC1956581864930412292
Mechanical EngineeringST56883043105806360
Computer Science and EngineeringGeneral33374235554969034779
Computer Science and EngineeringOBC4503975938671515627
Computer Science and EngineeringEWS127683856127685947
Computer Science and EngineeringSC8951420589518813
Computer Science and EngineeringST2628208649212086
Information TechnologyGeneral58271411720147055411720
Information TechnologyOBC73781102097378117490
Information TechnologyEWS174164979174167298
Information TechnologySC173035387173039870
Information TechnologyST5447311067813196
Chemical EngineeringGeneral1146644871119337655658
Chemical EngineeringOBC1552821330
Chemical EngineeringEWS436968385436969981
Chemical EngineeringSC3488385783901012557
Chemical EngineeringST67703303139574092
Electrical EngineeringGeneral83853279851132506281181
Electrical EngineeringOBC3858751264438587520859
Electrical EngineeringEWS359557272565369211
Electrical EngineeringSC2597173574276811700
Electrical EngineeringST3496226748785884
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringGeneral124575505526215174505526
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringOBC1600521935
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringEWS5429588015429510474
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringSC3958195783958112745
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringST117753624265906328

JEE Main Cutoff 2019 for NIT Srinagar

Candidates can refer to the below table to see what was the cutoff score for different branches in NIT Srinagar in 2019.

QuotaBranch NameGEN
Closing Rank
Closing Rank
Closing Rank
Closing Rank
Closing Rank
HSChemical Engineering – Gender Neutral13667918654208106321534420
HSChemical Engineering – Female Only16704825590295811366748819
HSCivil Engineering – Gender Neutral7689013538100680149831845
HSCivil Engineering – Female Only9239024899369686341931314
HSComputer Science and Engineering – Gender Neutral3737482853038159252186
HSComputer Science and Engineering – Female Only527211429619984137886751
HSElectrical Engineering – Gender Neutral8135415640355890214042328
HSElectrical Engineering – Female Only9713317295155942157693679
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering – Gender Neutral8941116262124353269582772
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering – Female Only916052462150179221045628
HSInformation Technology – Gender Neutral8808815347104252256293663
HSInformation Technology – Female Only68047208255754615826
HSMechanical Engineering – Gender Neutral9415316159311998233583560
HSMechanical Engineering – Female Only12019826919155942448824880
HSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering – Gender Neutral16075519546248161421375893
HSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering – Female Only178988375031702504896710864
OSChemical Engineering – Gender Neutral4301956491318574433417
OSChemical Engineering – Female Only5090672061739889915061
OSCivil Engineering – Gender Neutral4347756081286772432193
OSCivil Engineering – Female Only5301372141992189854488
OSComputer Science and Engineering – Gender Neutral23198321980143508934
OSComputer Science and Engineering – Female Only341104379151115427
OSElectrical Engineering – Gender Neutral3852451281206666992459
OSElectrical Engineering – Female Only4389868091776090023299
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering – Gender Neutral3338843781104063412967
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering – Female Only4229759181687151153798
OSInformation Technology – Gender Neutral2944239191034253452731
OSInformation Technology – Female Only422461684488064225
OSMechanical Engineering – Gender Neutral3890849711224969732704
OSMechanical Engineering – Female Only519956939198929322
OSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering – Gender Neutral4590059751434978633820
OSMetallurgical and Materials Engineering – Female Only5420874532015596485218

Branch-wise Cut-off for the Remaining 30 NITs

Candidates can find the branch-wise cutoff marks for the remaining 30 NITs in the table below.

NIT Cut Off JalandharNIT Cut Off Patna
SVNIT Cut Off SuratNIT Cut Off Nagaland
VNIT Cut Off NagpurNIT Cut Off Agartala
NIT Cut Off WarangalNIT Cut Off Meghalaya
NIT Cut Off HamirpurNIT Cut Off Trichy
NIT Cut Off SurathkalNIT Cut Off Silchar
NIT Cut Off GoaNIT Cut Off Rourkela
NIT Cut Off DurgapurNIT Cut Off Mizoram
NIT Cut Off DelhiNIT Cut Off Manipur
MNNIT Cut Off AllahabadNIT Cut Off Kurukshetra
MNIT Cut Off JaipurNIT Cut Off Jamshedpur
MANIT Cut Off BhopalNIT Cut Off Arunachal Pradesh
NIT Cut Off CalicutNIT Cut Off Sikkim
NIT Cut Off UttarakhandNIT Cut Off Raipur
NIT Cut Off Andhra PradeshNIT Cut Off Puducherry

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FAQs on NIT Srinagar JEE Main Cutoff 2022

Let us find some frequently asked questions on the NIT Srinagar cut-off below.

Q.1: What was the JEE Main cutoff for NIT Srinagar Computer Science and Engineering for General category candidates in 2020?
Ans: The closing ranks for General Category candidates for Computer Science and Engineering in NIT Srinagar JEE Main cutoff for 2020 was as follows.

  • Home State Male – 33374    
  • Other State Male – 23555
  • Home State Female – 49690
  • Other State Female – 34779

Q.2: What is the use of JEE Main Cutoff 2022 for NIT Srinagar?
Ans: The NIT Srinagar JEE Main cut-off is the minimum marks a candidate needs to score to participate in the institute’s counselling and seat allotment process.

Q.3:What was the JEE Main cutoff for NIT Srinagar for candidates in the General Category in the Chemical Engineering branch in 2020?
Ans: NIT Srinagar JEE Main cutoff for Chemical Engineering for General candidates as per 2020 was:

  • Home State Male – 114664
  • Other State Male – 48711
  • Home State Female -193376
  • Other State Female – 55658

Q.4: What were the Civil Engineering cut-off scores for males belonging to the General Category in the home state and other states?
Ans: Male candidates belonging to the General Category in the home state had to score a minimum of 76330. Candidates belonging to the other states in the same category were required to score a minimum of 213872 to qualify for the counselling process of Civil Engineering for NIT Srinagar.

Q.5: What factors will affect the JEE Main cut-off scores for NIT Srinagar in 2022?
Ans: The factors that will determine the cut-off scores of the institute are as follows:

  • Total candidates who appeared in the JEE Main exam
  • JEE Main question paper difficulty level
  • Previous years’ cut-off trends
  • JEE Main marks

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We hope that this information on the cut-off marks of NIT Srinagar has helped you. Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest news and updates on JEE Main 2022.

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