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  • Written By harikesh
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NEET Mock Test Series Online

NEET 2022 Practice Mock Test Online: As a major part of your NEET preparations, NEET mock test series are a huge determiners of how ready you are for the exam. While study materials and practice questions allow you to learn the chapters and topics, mock exams enable you to actually prep up during the final hours of preparation. Online test-taking platforms enable students to get a feel of the actual exam, not just academically but also emotionally.

In this article, we will help you get through the importance of solving the online Mock Test series. Since NEET 2022 Registration is almost about to begin, it is suggested that all the NEET aspirants must go through the mock test questions. At Embibe, you will be guided through various question paper series that will definitely help you to ace your NEET Exams!

March 24, 2022: The final result for mop- up round of MCC NEET counselling 2021 will be released.
March 23, 2022: Provisional result for mop-up round of NEET UG counselling 2021 released. Any discrepancy in the result to be immediately brought to the notice of MCC of DGHS until up to 8 AM of March 24, 2022.
March 9, 2022: NTA has removed the upper age limit for all candidates willing to appear in the UG – NEET exams as per the decision of the National Medical Commission (NMC), Earlier, candidates belonging to the general category could attempt the NEET exams until they had reached the age of 25. For reserved category candidates, the upper age limit was 30.

NEET Mock Test Series 2022

NEET Mock Test Series 2022 will help you to improve your speed and accuracy in solving those NEET questions. Solving several NEET Mock Test Papers will help you to understand the difficulty level along with the pattern of questions. At Embibe, you will get the NEET Mock Test Series 2022. Look no further if you are looking for a NEET mock test series as you prepare for the 2022 medical entrance examination.

NEET Mock Tests 2022: Advantages

When you take NEET 2022 Practice Mock Test Online at Embibe, you get an analysis that is factual as it driven by data. We collect data, assess patterns, form suggestions and portray the conclusions, real-time. The full-proof analysis shows you areas of improvement in the minutest way possible. 

Furthermore, your progress will get tracked with individual answer evaluations. You will start having better perspective of all the questions and how to solve them manually. Gradually with every mock test, your score will show improvement.

Practice Latest JEE Main Book Questions Aligned to the New Syllabus With Quick Hints & Easy Solutions.

1. You will get the results instantly.

Advantages of online mock test2. You can see where and how you spent your time.

Advantages of giving online mock test13. See how much time you wasted on questions you did not attempt!

Advantages of giving online mock test2

Practice NEET Questions

4. Get detailed analysis of your weak chapters and immediately get the material you need to improve.


Advantages of giving online mock test3NEET Mock Test Questions 2022: Instructions 

A mock test will help you improve your NEET Score. In that sense, your merit ranks for NEET 2022 would also improve. This would help you gain confidence before you appear for the exam.

Embibe has curated its expertise to develop these NEET Mock Tests, which are now available on the website. Here is the list of instructions that you can follow in order to solve the sample papers or attempt the mock tests. First, go to the free mock tests page. From the drop-down menu on the left of the page, you can choose –

  1. The exam you are preparing for (NEET, AIIMS, MHCET, PMET),
  2. The type of test you wish to take (Chapterwise test, Mini test, Full test, etc.), and
  3. The particular test you want to attempt.

Attempt NEET Mock Tests With Deep-improvement Analysis, Designed to Match the Actual Exam.

If you are having difficulty with the tests, you can use the ‘Practice’ feature on the top of the header to practice and improve your weak chapters.

Attempt NEET Exam Mock Tests

FAQs on NEET Mock Test Online Practice

Q. I am in class 11. Would I go through the NCERT syllabus for NEET preparation?

Ans. Yes, NCERT syllabus would guide you through all the important chapters and concepts which are required for NEET preparation 2022.

Q. What is a mock test?

Ans. A mock test is a test pattern question that is exactly like that of the main examination that students will appear for. This would help you get the basic knowledge of the question pattern, marks distribution, and others.

Q. What is NEET 2022 Mock Test?

Ans. NEET 2022 Mock Tests are a comprehensive set of questions that include the questions of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. It will contain all the important questions which will help NEET aspirants throughout their journey.

Q. How many mock tests are required for NEET?

Ans. Students must solve sample papers as soon as they complete revising one complete unit of the subjects or individual chapters. Later on, after completing the entire NEET Syllabus, students can take up to 10-20 mock tests in order to assess their preparation level.

Q. Why the mock test is important for NEET?

Ans. Mock tests are important for NEET since this help students to understand their preparation level. You will be able to realise where you went wrong and accordingly, you can improve your mistakes.

Hope you find this article to be helpful. We wish you all the best for your NEET 2022 Exams!

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