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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology Chapter 10 Microbes in Human Welfare


NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology Chapter 10 Microbes in Human Welfare: CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology Chapter 10 is titled Microbes in Human Welfare. It is an important chapter as students can easily score. The NCERT Biology Chapter 10 Solutions for this chapter is in line with the latest syllabus.

This chapter deals with some important subtopics like microbes in household products, industrial products and more that can be extremely easy to learn. Students must practice the 150+ questions from the subtopics to get a better understanding of the chapter. It will help the students score higher marks. Furthermore, it will also help students to clarify the concepts better.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology Chapter 10: Important Topics

The NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology deals with some of the most important concepts that can be extremely helpful for learning. Since the chapter is completely based on theory, students must ensure that they follow each chapter thoroughly as it will help the students score more marks. Students must consider practicing all questions from Embibe that can help them prepare for their exams accordingly.

The NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology Chapter 16 deals with all these important theoretical concepts that can be helpful for the students. Practicing the question from each subtopic will give students the chance to prepare for the exams. Furthermore, the students can also get better clarity in each section which can be helpful in scoring higher marks. To know the chapter in depth, students must refer to all the important materials at Embibe such as the Embibe explainer videos, the Embibe NCERT Solutions and Embibe 3D videos.

Sr NoTopic Name
10.1Microbes in Household Products
10.2Microbes in Industrial Products
10.3Microbes in Sewage Treatment
10.4Microbes in Production of Biogas
10.5Microbes as Biocontrol Agents
10.6Microbes as Biofertilisers

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Biology Chapter 10: Important Points to Remember

  • Microbes form an important part of the biological system of the Earth.
  • All microbes may not be pathogenic. Some of the microbes have an important role to play in human welfare.
  • Yoghurt is preserved milk. It is made by the bacterial fermentation of milk.
  • The municipal wastewater and human excreta are referred to as sewage.
  • Biofertilizers contain living organisms.

Students can learn more important points about NCER Solutions for Class 12 Biology Chapter 10 from Embibe.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology: All Chapters

Students must ensure that while preparing for board exams, they refer to the NCERT Solutions for Biology Class 12 for all chapters. Students can refer to the below section to get the NCERT Solutions for all chapters of Biology:


Q.1: What are the exercises discussed in NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology Chapter 10 PDF?

Ans: Exercises discussed in NCERT Class 12 Biology Chapter 10 solutions are: Microbes in Household Products, Microbes in Industrial Products, Microbes in Sewage Treatment, Microbes in the Production of Biogas, Microbes as Biocontrol Agents and Microbes as Bio fertilisers.

Q.2: How many questions are there in Biology Class 12 Chapter 10 exercises?

Ans: There are a total of 15 questions, with 9 short type answers and 6 long type answers.

Q.3: What is the meaning of Microbes in Human Welfare?

Ans: Antibodies produced by microbes help the body in killing the disease-causing germs. However, a few microbes are beneficial to human bodies. Bacteria, fungi, and protozoa are the three groups. These microbes contribute to human well-being.

Q.4: What is the full form of SCP?

Ans: SCP Full Form is a Single-Cell Protein, and it is produced by microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, yeast, etc.

Q.5: How to download NCERT Solutions of Biology Class 12 Chapter 10?

Ans: Students can prepare for the Biology Class 12 Chapter 10 from Embibe. They can find all the details for the chapter from the platform. Once you log in to the platform, everything will be available to you for free.

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