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  • Written By Shardul Kumar
  • Last Modified 26-08-2022
  • Written By Shardul Kumar
  • Last Modified 26-08-2022

Engineering Aspirants Protest Against NTA, Demand Four Sessions for JEE Main 2022

BENGALURU, APRIL 4 – At the onset of exam season, engineering aspirants all over the country are protesting NTA’s decision of holding only two sessions of the JEE Main this year. Moreover, CBSE students are the most affected out of all as their class 12 board exams are clashing with the renewed dates. After the JEE Main 2022 exam dates were revised, the students took twitter by storm and voiced their displeasure with the NTA. The JEE Main is scheduled to be conducted from April 21 to May 4, 2022, for the April 2022 session.

The National Testing Agency has incorporated the 2020’s model of the exam. That is why the JEE Main will be conducted in only two sessions instead of four. This change was made owing to a delay in the Board examinations due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. However, the CBSE Board exam dates are clashing with the JEE Main 2022 dates which has left thousands of engineering aspirants begging for answers from the authorities.

This has resulted in a nationwide online protest where students are using every social media platform at their disposal to express their displeasure with the decision. The students are also demanding a postponement of the May session, which is to be held between May 24 and 29, 2022. The engineering aspirants argue that there should be at least a 90-day gap between the two sessions as this change will hamper their chances of scoring well and is bringing unnecessary chaos to JEE Main preparation.

“Our board exams are always held over a period of two months, but usually these exams are held in the months of February and March. This year due to the delay, exams are held exactly when the entrance tests are scheduled, leaving us to choose between board exams and our future,” said Aniket Bhavsar, a CBSE class 12 student from Mumbai. (Source: Hindustan Times)

“Even though the JEE exam follows CBSE syllabus, we will have to study class 11 syllabus as well for the test whereas for our board exams we are focusing on class 12 syllabus only. It is unfair to expect us to prepare for both exams, knowing very well how stressful both exams are individually. Most of us might have to drop out of the entrance test this year, and attempt JEE in the next academic year because of this chaos”, expressed another student. (Source: Hindustan Times)

In the meantime, a plea that was filed in the Honourable Supreme Court of India concerning the conduct of the exam in four sessions, was rejected. The court observed that the students must only reach out to the concerned exam authorities with their grievances, and has refused to hear the plea.

Even though the dates were revised by the National Testing Agency, and the last date for submission of application forms for first session (April 2022) was also extended last Friday, the students seem to be more stressed out due to the current dates of the examination. While the protest continues, the NTA is expected to come up with a viable solution in due time.

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