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JEE Advanced 2016 Student Reactions: Detailed Paper Analysis


In this article, we have provided the paper analysis and student reactions to JEE Advanced exam 2016. JEE Advanced 2016 was held on May 22, 2016, and IIT Guwahati organised it. The exam was conducted in two rounds – Paper 1 and Paper 2. The Paper 1 of JEE Advanced was conducted in the morning from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., while Paper 2 was conducted in the afternoon from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. As per the JEE Advanced 2016 student reactions, the paper was fairly moderate to tough.

In this article, we have provided a detailed analysis and reactions of students so that aspirants can understand how the paper was for that year. Along with that, we have also provided a detailed paper analysis for JEE Advanced 2016 to help candidates understand the various aspects of that exam. Continue reading to learn more about the question paper of JEE Advanced 2016.

JEE Advanced 2016 Student Reactions: Detailed Paper Analysis

Before we provide students’ reactions to JEE Advanced 2016 exam, let us see the detailed paper analysis:

Now that we have provided the detailed paper analysis, let us see how students reacted when they came out of the exam hall after taking the test.

JEE Advanced 2016 Student Reactions for Paper 1 and 2

Here we have provided some students’ reactions to JEE Advanced 2022 Paper 1 after they came out of the exam hall.

  • Akanksha: “Hello, my name is Akanksha I got my class 12 results yesterday I scored 95%, and I am aspiring to go into an IIT, so today I gave the JEE advance paper. On a scale of 10, I would rate the paper as 7. There were 18 questions in every section, and no the marking scheme was also different every year we never used to get the partial marking system, but this time, you have got the partial marking system as well, I found chemistry easy, and Matz was tough physics was medium.”
  • Devesh Yadav: “Hi, my name is Devesh Yadav, and I am an IIT aspirant. I have given an exam today. Compared to last year, the exam was pretty much easier. The marking scheme was fine because, for multiple correct answers, -2 marks were given for the wrong ones last year. But this year, in multiple correct questions, if one option is correct, we get 1 mark given that we do not give any incorrect option. Maths was much more difficult than physics, and then Chemistry, Chemistry was much easier, and on a scale of 10, I would give Maths 9, Physics also 9, and Chemistry 8.”
  • Ranjan: “So of the two papers, both papers were reasonable they were not very difficult compared to last year. The marking scheme was much better than last year there was lots of negative marking in the previous year, but this time they kept negative marking as well as positive ones for partial answers, so it made the whole paper much easier than the last time to attempt. In the first paper, Physics and Chemistry were moderate, as expected. Maths was a little difficult and the second paper, Physics, was difficult. Chemistry and Maths were moderate, so the second paper was easier than the first, but none of the papers was very difficult compared to any of the past year’s papers.”
  • Agam Singh: “Coaching centres should be regulated in some way. There should also have some rules. It has now evolved into a business, which was not the case previously. Coaching institutes teach aspirants a syllabus that is considerably different and at a higher level than the CBSE syllabus. The kids are confused. My child did, and he became demotivated as a result. There should also be only one exam, similar to medical exams. Why are there so many exams being held?”
  • Vishal: “Chemistry was simple, but Mathematics and Physics were difficult. I was able to solve 30 of the 56 questions. I believe there were more questions from Optics and Modern Physics in Chemistry. Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry were given higher weightage in Chemistry. In Mathematics, however, this was not the case. The key is to avoid answering questions you are unsure about because of the -2 negative marking.”
  • Yashoda: The paper was fine, but Maths was quite difficult. I was unable to answer most of the questions. Chemistry, on the other hand, was a breeze. This year’s paper pattern has also changed. We had one correct answer’ question this year, which was great for me. I found the “Match the following” questions, which were included in last year’s exam, to be extremely challenging. I was able to answer 50% of their questions of them.
  • Sattwik Gupta: “Paper 1 was, in my opinion, more difficult than Paper 2 in terms of difficulty. Paper 1 was difficult for Mathematics, and Paper 2 was difficult for Physics. It is not easy to pass JEE Advanced. Every year, the exam’s cutoff is quite high. So all I can do now is hope it proves beneficial to me.”
  • Arun Kumar: “Paper 2 was more difficult than Paper 1, and I found Physics to be the most difficult of all the sections. Chemistry and Mathematics were on a similar level. There were integer-type questions in the first paper, while the second paper had more descriptive and paragraph-style questions. There was no negative marking on either of the papers. Furthermore, each correct answer had three points.”
  • Pranshu Garg: “Everything went smoothly throughout the examination. In fact, as compared to the first exam, the second was more difficult, with Physics being the most challenging. The second paper’s Math was less difficult. In Chemistry, both papers had the same level of difficulty. This year’s paper was much easier than the previous year’s. In the ‘MultiChoice Correct Answer,’ there was partial marking.”

FAQs on JEE Advanced 2016 Student Reactions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on JEE Advanced 2016 students’ reactions.

Q: Was the 2016 JEE Advanced paper toughest?

Ans: The JEE Advanced 2016 paper was moderate to tough, as told by many aspirants.

Q: Which was the toughest JEE Advanced paper?

Ans: As per the previous year’s JEE aspirants, JEE Advanced 2015 was the toughest paper in recent times.

Q: Which IIT made the 2016 JEE Advanced paper?

Ans: IIT Guwahati prepared the JEE Advanced paper in 2016.

Q: Which IIT sets the toughest paper for JEE Advanced?

Ans: IIT Bombay is famous for setting tough JEE Advanced papers. However, it also depends on many other factors.

Q: Who sets the most challenging paper for JEE Advanced?

Ans: IIT Bombay is well-known for setting the most challenging JEE Advanced papers.

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