Topper of JEE Mains 2021: JEE Mains 2021 Toppers' List!
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  • Written By Hridesh Jain
  • Last Modified 21-06-2022
  • Written By Hridesh Jain
  • Last Modified 21-06-2022

Topper of JEE Mains 2021: Check JEE Toppers’ List Here!

You must be perplexed about how possibly can a student score as much as Sai Praneeth scored in JEE Main 2016.

The thing about him and everyone who scores well including Sai Teja, they don’t study because an XYZ board conducts an exam, they study because they want to; they study because they love those subjects; the concepts of science make them feel ecstatic.

He says the analysis of the tests help him guide his subsequent efforts and time.

Three key takeaway for JEE aspirants:

  1. Don’t waste time, everyone has the same amount of time. The competition is how effectively you can be efficient in that period of time. Use your time wisely.
  2. Practice and tests are the soul mantra to score well in any exam.
  3. Conceptual learning. You cannot afford to sit in the exam without having clarity about the concepts. You cannot simply answer 22 * 78 until you know the concept of multiplication. Sai Praneeth gave a test on Embibe and scored an amazing 355 marks. Unfortunately, due to the incorrect questions in the paper, the score was affected. Nevertheless a score of 330 is still brilliant and we would like you to have an insight of his test to understand how rankers work.

Subject wise score


He’s a great student! A score of 355 is phenomenal and he would have scored perfectly if not for one mistake in chemistry.

First Look Strategy


Here is the secret sauce. He saw the entire paper for the first time in 120 minutes, this gave him about 70 minutes for revision.

What he could improve –

  1. First look time of 100 minutes was preferred by top embibe rankers like govind lahoti (AIR 3) and Chitraang murdia (AIR 1)
  2. Accuracy should be raised from 87.8% to 95% in first look – Attempt only the questions you know in the first attempt!
  3. Start with your favorite subject (in this case any subject :p) as your weak subjects take too much time.

Subject Wise Time management

Very surprisingly, he took the most amount of time in physics. It;s definitely okay, because he committed zero mistakes there . Most students spend the least amount of time in chemistry. For example, Govind Lahoti would always spend less than 40 minutes in chemistry.

This just goes to show how amazing he is with his subjects!

Attempt Effectiveness5

All students even toppers have overtime attempts, when they face tricky questions they haven’t seen before. The smartest students can figure these questions out, but it still wastes valuable time! Sai can still work on his speed in all the subjects.

Weak Chapters


Of course, there was only one question that he got wrong and it was in this chapter. It’s alright though, after this test, he still had a lot of time to work on these weak chapters now that he knew what they were!

Practice JEE Main Exam Questions

Key Concepts7

After every test on embibe you can go through each question in the test to see what were the key concepts involved in those chapters. For example, if Sai is going overtime in some questions, it would mean that he doesn’t remember the right formula/equation or struggles to apply them. He can quickly brush up these concepts on embibe!

It’s time for Sai to work on his JEE Advanced preparation. Hopefully, this post has helped you understand how embibe’s analysis can improve your score no matter how well you’re already scoring! Take a Test on embibe and improve your score too!

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