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  • Written By Livia Ferrao
  • Last Modified 09-08-2022
  • Written By Livia Ferrao
  • Last Modified 09-08-2022

Which Is the Best Board for JEE Main 2023 Rank? Complete List

Best Board for JEE Main 2023 Rank: In India, each state has its board; apart from the individual state boards, there is a central board known as the CBSE board. Irrespective of which board you belong to, there is always a question that troubles every student while preparing for the JEE exams, ‘Which board to choose?’ Which is the best board to rank higher in JEE Main 2023 exam?

Therefore, we have ranked each board for the JEE to understand which board is the best board from the JEE point of view. Are you worried about the JEE Main 2023 paper? We have your back! India’s best data scientists have analysed the JEE Main 2023 papers of the last 22 years and generated the JEE Main 2023 predicted question paper verified by senior academic experts from across the country. 

Latest Updates:
– NTA will likely conduct JEE Main 2023 in the first or second week of February 2023.
– NTA conducted JEE Main July session from July 25 to 30, 2022.

List of Best Board for JEE Main 2023

To get a good score in the JEE, it is necessary to get good marks even in the board exams. The state boards are strict regarding giving marks, whereas the CBSE is comparatively lenient and has many benefits regarding the syllabus and books.

Since the NCERT books are used for the CBSE board and even the JEE exams, the CBSE students can get a better rank. Plus, many CBSE students clear the JEE exams because they are spread all over India.

Below is the list of all the boards, ranking them as to which is the best board to get the best rank in the JEE exams. The ranking is according to the leniency in correcting the board marks.

JEE RankingsBoards
1CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi)
2Andhra Pradesh Board
3Maharashtra Board
4Rajasthan Board
5CISCE (Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi)
6Telangana Board
7Bihar Board
8Madhya Pradesh Board
9Uttar Pradesh Board
10Gujarat Board
11West Bengal Board
12Karnataka Board
13Kerala Board
14Assam Board
15Chhattisgarh Board
16Goa Board
17Haryana Board
18Himachal Pradesh Board
19Jammu and Kashmir Board
20Jharkhand Board
21Manipur Board
22Meghalaya Board
23Mizoram Board
24Nagaland Board
25Orissa Board
26Punjab Board
27Tamil Nadu Board
28Tripura Board
29Uttar Pradesh Board
30Uttarakhand Board

The above rankings are based on two factors: the leniency of marks and the maximum number of students who make it through the JEE exam. The lower half of the above list is based on the number of students who give the exams and the number of students who clear the exams. To know how the major board perform in the JEE exams, you can check the major boards in India and how their performance is measured for JEE.

Finally, talking about the JEE-Main, it is safe to say that CBSE is the better alternative. Students from other state boards often tend to change their board while taking admission after the 10th standard for the same. The CBSE has a full syllabus targeted at JEE-Main compared to the other boards. Nevertheless, it is up to you which board you are comfortable in and where you know you will do well.

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