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  • Written By Kishan_M
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JEE Main Study Material 2023: Check Best Study Materials Here

JEE Main Study Material 2023: The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the JEE Main exam to select candidates for engineering courses for both government and private colleges. Every year, lacs of aspirants appear for the JEE Mains but securing a good score requires dedication and reliable study material. This is one of the most competitive exams in the country, which is why candidates need a well-defined study plan. Our experts have curated the best preparatory material to ensure that our readers get the best guidance.

This JEE Main study material is an amalgamation of notes, free PDFs, question papers, and a guide to reference books for each subject. Although the authorities have not provided the official JEE Main 2023 exam dates, aspirants can start preparation beforehand. Scroll down to learn more about JEE Mains study material 2023.

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JEE Main Study Material 2023: Highlights

JEE Main is conducted at more than 500 exam centres throughout the country and outside India. Every engineering aspirant dreaming of cracking the JEE Main searches for the best study material. As clearing the JEE Main cut-off requires the best study materials available to help them with their JEE Main preparation.

Candidates will need the best books, notes, practice papers, and even previous year papers. As they help preparing for the JEE Main without leaving any stone unturned. But before we get into the details of JEE Main 2023 study material, let us first have an overview of the exam:

Exam ParticularsDetails
Exam NameJoint Entrance Exam Main
Exam LevelNational Level
Conducting BodyNational Testing Agency (NTA)
Programmes CoveredAll B.E./B.Tech, B.Arch, and B.Planning
Frequency of ConductionFour times a year(twice in 2022)
PurposeAdmissions to 31 NITs, 26 IIITs and 34 GFTIs
Mode of Exam ConductionComputer-Based Test (CBT), 2 slots per day
Exam Duration3 Hours
Total Marks300

JEE Main Study Material 2023 by Embibe

The JEE Main syllabus has more than 15,000 concepts. Here at Embibe, students get a comprehensive JEE Main study material prepared by the industry’s best and most experienced academic experts. In our study module, you will get the best JEE Main notes. Check out its amazing features as highlighted below:

Video Link  The best video tutorial available on the Internet that explains the entire concept in a simple language.
Description – Short descriptions are provided in simple words for each topic.
Link to Practice Questions – Questions selected from the best books, questions rankers got wrong, and other challenging questions which are important for the exam.
Related Concepts – List of concepts that are related to a particular concept.
Skills – Skills required to learn and master the concept.
Cheat Sheets – Important points, formulas, reaction mechanisms, equations, etc., for a chapter all in one place to revise the chapter easily.

JEE Main 2023 Study Material for Physics

Tabulated below are the JEE Main physics study material and free JEE Mains notes for each chapter of the syllabus:

Sl.NoJEE Mains Physics Study Material
1Heat and Thermodynamics
2Ray Optics
3Electromagnetic Waves
5Error and Instrument Analysis
9Photoelectric Effect
11Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current
15Current Electricity and Capacitors
16Properties of Matter
17Bohr’s Atomic Model
18Waves and Sound
19Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
20Circular Motion
21Centre of Mass and Collisions
22Communication Systems
23Laws of Motion

JEE Main 2023 Study Material for Chemistry

Students can boost their JEE Main preparations by referring to the JEE Mains study material PDF for chemistry from the links provided below:

Sl.NoJEE Mains Chemistry Study Material
1Atomic Structure
2Gaseous and Liquid State
4Chemical Kinetics
5Nuclear and Surface Chemistry
6Chemical Bonding
7d-block Elements
10Aromatic Compounds
11Alkyl Halides
12Mole Concept
13s Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals) And Hydrogen
15p Block Elements
16General Organic
19Aldehydes and Ketones
20Carboxylic Acids and Its Derivatives
21Classification and Nomenclature
22Alcohol and Ether
23Nitrogen Compounds and Aliphatic Amine
24Biomolecules and Polymers
26Redox and Volumetric Analysis
28Qualitative Analysis

JEE Main 2023 Study Material for Maths

These JEE notes cover almost all the basic fundamentals of each and every maths concept helpful for cracking JEE Main exams:

Sl.NoJEE Mains Maths Study Material
13 Dimensional Geometry
2Determinant and Matrices
3Sequence and Series
4Straight Line
7Probability Distribution (Binomial + Mean and Variance)
8Definite Integral and Area Under the Curve
9JEE Mains Chemistry Study Material
10JEE Mains Chemistry Study Material
11JEE Mains Chemistry Study Material
12JEE Mains Chemistry Study Material
13JEE Mains Chemistry Study Material
14JEE Mains Chemistry Study Material
15Differential Equation
18Mathematical Logic
19Set and Relation
20Height and Distance
21Trigonometric Ratio and Functions
22Properties of Triangle
23Permutation and Combination
24Indefinite Integral

JEE Main 2023 Study Material: Best Books for JEE Main

Check the best books for JEE Mains preparation from the table given below:

PhysicsNCERT Books for Physics
 Concepts of Physics Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 by HC Verma
 Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday and Resnick
ChemistryNCERT books for Chemistry 
 NCERT books for Chemistry by Dr. R.K Gupta
 A Textbook of Organic Chemistry by Dr. O.P. Tandon
 A Textbook of Inorganic Chemistry by Dr. O.P. Tandon
MathematicsNCERT Books for Mathematics
 Objective Mathematics Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 by R.D. Sharma
 Complete Mathematics (TMH) by Ravi Prakash, Ajay Kumar, Usha Gupta

JEE Main 2023 Study Material: Analysis of Previous Year Papers

India’s best data scientists have analysed the JEE Main previous papers on various parameters like:

  • The difficulty level
  • Syllabus coverage
  • An ideal time for each question
  • Questions involved with multiple concepts
  • Repetitive nature of concepts, etc.

Below are some previous year question papers in the following tables:

JEE Main April/July Question Paper 2021

Exam DateShift 1 Question Paper with Solution by Allen InstituteShift 2 Question Paper with Solution by Allen Institute
July 20Physics
July 22Exam Not ConductedPhysics
July 25Chemistry

July 27Chemistry

JEE Main March Question Paper 2021

JEE Mains Dates – March 2021Session 2 Shift 1 Question Paper with Solution by Reliable InstituteSession 2 Shift 2 Question Paper with Solution by Reliable Institute
March 16 Question PaperChemistry
March 17 Question PaperMaths
March 18 Question PaperPhysics

JEE Main February Question Paper 2021

JEE Mains Dates – February 2021Shift 1 Question Paper Session 1 (Answer Key by Reliable Institute)Shift 2 Question Paper Session 1 (Answer Key by Reliable Institute)
24 Feb Question paperPhysics
25 Feb Question paperPhysics
26 Feb Question paperPhysics

JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers – January 2020

JEE Main 2020 Shift-wise Question PaperTest Link
January 7 – Shift 1Take Test 
January 7 – Shift 2Take Test
January 8 – Shift 1Take Test
January 8 – Shift 2Take Test
January 9 – Shift 1Take Test
January 9 – Shift 2Take Test

JEE Main Previous Year Papers – April 2019

JEE Main 2019 April Shift-wise Question PaperTest Link
April 8 – Shift 1Take Test 
April 8 – Shift 2Take Test
April 9 – Shift 1Take Test
April 9 – Shift 2Take Test
April 10 – Shift 1Take Test
April 10 – Shift 2Take Test
April 12 – Shift 1Take Test
April 12 – Shift 2Take Test

JEE Main Previous Year Papers – January 2019

JEE Main 2019 January Shift-wise Question PaperPractice Test Link
January 9 – Shift 1Take Test
January 9 – Shift 2Take Test
January 10 – Shift 1Take Test
January 10 – Shift 2Take Test
January 11 – Shift 1Take Test
January 11 – Shift 2Take Test
January 12 – Shift 1Take Test
January 12 – Shift 2Take Test

FAQs Related to JEE Main 2023 Study Material

Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding JEE Main study materials are as follows:

Q: Will the authorities change the JEE Main 2023 syllabus?

Ans: There is no official notification from NTA regarding the JEE Main syllabus change.

Q: Where can I get the JEE Main previous year papers?

Ans: Candidates can get access to the previous year’s papers from Embibe. Check this article for more information.

Q: Is NCERT sufficient for the JEE mains?

Ans: Experts highly recommend NCERT for JEE Main preparation however, referring to other study materials is highly beneficial in improving the scores.

Q: Where can I find the best JEE Main 2023 study material?

Ans: Aspirants can find the best JEE Main study material on Embibe. These resources are prepared by India’s top teachers and the best data scientists.

Q: Can I obtain free JEE preparation materials from Embibe?

Ans: Yes, books, practice questions, mock test series, and other study materials pertaining to JEE Main and Advanced are available for free on the Embibe app and website.

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We hope this detailed article on JEE Main 2023 Study Material helps you prepare well. If you have any queries, connect with us on the Embibe app and we will surely revert soon. Aspirants can try our free JEE Main mock tests to get the preparation boost. Subject experts design these mock tests to help you identify strengths and weaknesses. Leverage these tests to evaluate your preparation level and determine the extent to which you require more practice.

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest news and updates on study material for JEE Mains 2023.

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