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  • Written By Apratim Chatterjee
  • Last Modified 30-06-2022
  • Written By Apratim Chatterjee
  • Last Modified 30-06-2022

JEE Main Preparation 2022: Experts’ and Toppers’ Tips

JEE Main Preparation 2022: NTA has opened the application form submission of JEE Main 2022 for session 2 on June 1, 2022. The interested candidates can register and submit the application form for JEE Main 2022 July session till June 30, 2022. As per the revised schedule, the JEE Main 2022 session 1 exam dates will be conducted from June 23 to 29, 2022. The JEE Main 2022 session 2 exam dates are July 21 to 30, 2022. Aspirants aiming for a seat in the prestigious engineering institutions across India, including IITs, NITs, IIITs, or GFTIs, must start their preparation now.

Over 10.5 lakh candidates compete for JEE Main seats each year, among which 201 students will stand a tough competition. So, students can easily understand that they have to prepare hard to stand in the competition. Embibe brings candidate experts’ tips and toppers’ tricks to clear the exam. Read this article on JEE Main 2022 preparation to know the toppers’ tricks to avoid engineering entrance examination mistakes in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.

Latest Updates:
June 21, 2022: 
The JEE Main admit card for Session 1 has been released on June 21, 2022.
June 16, 2022: As per the official notification, the National Testing Agency (NTA) has revised the dates for JEE Main 2022 session 1; the exam will be held from June 23 to 29, 2022.
June 01, 2022: The NTA opened the JEE Main Session 2 (July Session) registration window from June 1 to June 30, 2022. 

JEE Main Preparation 2022 — Overview

Cracking a competitive exam like JEE Main is an intimidating job, but it is not impossible. The aspirants need to know how to begin their JEE Main preparation and what needs to be done.

JEE Main toppers sharing the success mantra suggest that the engineering exam preparation can be broken down into six stages as follows:

  1. Understanding JEE Main syllabus
  2. Knowing JEE Main exam pattern
  3. Preparing a robust JEE Main 2022 preparation plan
  4. Reference books must be checked for conceptual clarity
  5. Practising JEE Main questions and attempting mock tests are important
  6. Having a JEE Main exam day strategy

JEE Main 2022: Important Points to Know

  1. This year, the Joint Entrance Exam will be held two times, i.e., in June and July.
  2. The National Testing Agency (NTA) will be conducting the engineering exam as a CBT in two shifts, morning and noon, for B.Tech and B.Arch programmes.
  3. JEE Main is the national-level engineering entrance exam organised for admissions to 31 NITs, 25 IIITs, and 28 GFTIs. Further, JEE Main is also the screening exam for admissions to 23 IITs.
  4. JEE Main 2022 application form for session 1 has been reopened.
  5. The JEE Main 2022 admit card will be available tentatively before 1 month of the exam.

JEE Main 2022 Preparation — Understanding Syllabus

The toppers and exam experts suggest that engineering aspirants must familiarise themselves with the JEE Main 2022 syllabus. This examination strategy will help the candidates to understand the granularity of the examination. Therefore, they would know what portion of the JEE Main syllabus would be based on each of the Classes 11 and 12.

Therefore, segregating the syllabus of JEE Main 2022 between Class 11 and Class 12 will help them cover the most important chapters while leaving out the less important ones from both classes.

Moreover, according to exam experts, students appearing for both 12th class board exams and JEE Main 2022 should adopt this strategy to prepare for both exams simultaneously. Applying the same strategy, the Class 12th students could initially rigorously prepare those chapters common in JEE Main and Board exam, thereby saving a lot of time while they work on the remaining chapters. Exam experts have shared a tentative weightage of JEE Main 2022 important topics. Find the same in the table below:

Important Chapters in Mathematics for JEE Main 2022

The important chapters in Mathematics for JEE Main 2022 are tabulated below for your reference.

S.No.JEE Main Maths Important TopicsWeightage Percentage
1Binomial Theorem and Its Simple Applications2%
2Differential Equations3%
3Mathematical Induction3%
4Mathematical Reasoning3%
5Permutations and Combinations4%
7Sequence and Series5%
8Sets, Relations and Functions5%
9Vector Algebra5%
10Three Dimensional Geometry6%
11Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations7%
12Matrices and Determinants7%
13Statistics and Probability8%
14Integral Calculus9%
15Limit, Continuity and Differentiability10%
16Coordinate Geometry15%

Important Chapters in Physics for JEE Main 2022

The important chapters in Physics for JEE Main 2022 are tabulated below for your reference.

S.No.JEE Main Physics Important TopicsWeightage Percentage
2Work Energy and Power3%
3Rotational Motion3%
4Kinetic Theory of Gases3%
5Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents3%
6Experimental Skills3%
8Laws of Motion3%
9Oscillations and Waves3%
10Atoms and Nuclei3%
11Physics and Measurement4%
12Properties of Solids and Liquids5%
13Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism5%
14Electromagnetic Waves5%
15Communication Systems5%
16Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation6%
17Current Electricity8%
21Electronic Devices14%

Important Chapters in Chemistry for JEE Main 2022

The important chapters in Chemistry for JEE Main 2022 are tabulated below for your reference.

S.No.JEE Main Chemistry Important TopicsWeightage Percentage
1Surface Chemistry1%
2s-Block Elements Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals1%
3Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen1%
4General Principle and Process of Isolation of Metals2%
5Organic Compounds Containing Halogens2%
6States of Matter3%
7Atomic Structure3%
8Chemical Kinetics3%
9Classification of Elements and Periodic Table3%
11Environmental Chemistry3%
12Purification and Characterisation of Organic Compounds3%
13Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry3%
17Principles Related to Practical Chemistry3%
18Chemical Thermodynamics4%
19Redox Reaction and Electrochemistry4%
20d- and f-Block Elements4%
21Coordination Compounds4%
22Chemistry in Everyday Life4%
23Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry5%
25p-Block Elements5%
26Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure5%
28Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen6%

JEE Mains Preparation 2022: Subject-wise Tips

Candidates can make the best use of Embibe’s study material and practice questions to ace the exam. Check the table below to get the subject-wise and chapter-wise notes:

JEE Mains 2022 Preparation for Physics

Check the table below to practice section-wise topics of the JEE Mains Physics syllabus.

Physics & MeasurementsThermodynamics
KinematicsRotational Motion
GravitationWork, Energy, and Power
Work and EnergyProperties of Matter
Laws of MotionElectronic Devices
Current ElectricityElectronic Waves
Semiconductors and Communication SystemElectromagnetic Induction
MagnetismAlternating Current
Magnetic Effects of CurrentKinetic Theory of Gases
Dual Nature of Matter and RadiationRadiation
AtomsNuclear Physics and X-Rays
Ray OpticsElectrostatics

JEE Mains Physics Preparation — Class 11 Syllabus

Check the table below to study Physics topics from the Class 11 syllabus.

1. Unit, Dimension, and MeasurementStudy Now
2. KinematicsStudy Now
3. Newton’s Law of MotionStudy Now
4. Circular MotionStudy Now
5. Work, Power & EnergyStudy Now
6. Momentum & CollisionStudy Now
7. Center of Mass & InertiaStudy Now
8. Rotational DynamicsStudy Now
9. Elasticity, Calorimetry, Thermal ExpansionStudy Now
10. ThermodynamicsStudy Now
11. Simple Harmonics MotionStudy Now
12. Mechanical WavesStudy Now
13. Fluid MechanicsStudy Now

JEE Mains Physics Preparation — Class 12 Syllabus

Check the table below to study Physics topics from the Class 12 syllabus.

1. Geometrical OpticsStudy Now
2. Wave OpticsStudy Now
3. ElectrostaticsStudy Now
4. CapacitanceStudy Now
5. Current ElectricityStudy Now
6. GravitationStudy Now
7. Magnetic Effects of Current and MagnetismStudy Now
8. Nuclear Physics and RadioactivityStudy Now
9. Communication SystemsStudy Now
10. Electromagnetic Induction and ACStudy Now
11. Photoelectric Effect and Electromagnetic WavesStudy Now
12. Error in Measurement and InstrumentsStudy Now

JEE Mains 2022 Preparation for Chemistry

The JEE Main Chemistry section basically comprises the topics covered in Class 11 and 12. JEE Mains Chemistry syllabus consists of three major parts, i.e., Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry.

Physical Chemistry

Given below are the important sections of Physical Chemistry.

Basic Concepts in ChemistryStates of Matter
Chemical BondingAtomic Structure
Redox ReactionsChemical Kinetics
Surface ChemistryChemical Kinetics

Organic Chemistry

Given below are the important sections of Organic Chemistry.

PolymersPrinciples of Practical Chemistry
Organic CompoundsOxygen, Halogens, and Nitrogen Organic Compounds
Organic Chemistry: Some Basic Principles and TechniquesChemistry in Everyday Life

Inorganic Chemistry

Given below are the important sections of Inorganic Chemistry.

HydrogenClassification of Elements
PeriodicityHaloalkanes and Haloarenes
Group 13 to Group 18 ElementsAlkali and Alkaline Earth Metals and Hydrogen
d and f Block ElementsCoordination Compound
Environmental ChemistryIsomerism

JEE Mains Preparation — Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus

Check the table below to study Chemistry topics from the Class 11 syllabus.

1. Periodic Table and PropertiesStudy Now
2. Mole ConceptStudy Now
3. Nomenclature of Organic CompoundsStudy Now
4. Chemical BondingStudy Now
5. the Gaseous StatesStudy Now
6. Atomic StructureStudy Now
7. IsomerismStudy Now
8. Redox and Equivalent ConceptStudy Now
9. Chemical and Ionic EquilibriumStudy Now
10. Chemical KineticsStudy Now
11. Radioactivity (Nuclear Chemistry)Study Now

JEE Mains Preparation — Class 12 Chemistry Syllabus

Check the table below to study Chemistry topics from the Class 12 syllabus.

1. Halogen DerivativeStudy Now
2. Co-ordination CompoundStudy Now
3. Aromatic HydrocarbonsStudy Now
4. Aliphatic HydrocarbonsStudy Now
5. Liquid Solution and Surface ChemistryStudy Now
6. MetallurgyStudy Now
7. PhenolStudy Now
8. AlcoholStudy Now
9. EtherStudy Now
10. Solid StateStudy Now
11. Carbonyl CompoundStudy Now
12. Qualitative AnalysisStudy Now
13. s, p, d and f block elementStudy Now
14. Thermodynamic, Thermochemistry, and ElectrochemistryStudy Now
15. BiomoleculesStudy Now
16. PolymersStudy Now
17. Carboxylic Acids and Its DerivativesStudy Now
18. AminesStudy Now
19. Practical Organic ChemistryStudy Now

JEE Mains 2022 Preparation for Maths

Being calculative in nature, mathematics requires a special analytical approach to problem-solving. Maths is possibly one of the most difficult subjects for students to clear among the list of JEE Mains syllabus. Candidates can practice section-wise topics of the JEE Mains Mathematics syllabus from the table below.

Set, Relations, and FunctionsComplex Number
DeterminantQuadratic Equation
MatricesPermutation and Combination
Mathematical InductionSequence and Series
Binomial TheoremLimits and Continuity
Differential EquationIntegral Calculus
TrigonometryVector Algebra
Coordinate GeometryMathematical Reasoning Logic
3 Dimensional GeometryProbability

JEE Mains Preparation — Class 11 Maths Syllabus

Check the table below to study Maths topics from the Class 11 syllabus.

1. Logarithms and Related ExpressionsStudy Now
2. Quadratic Equations and ExpressionsStudy Now
3. Sequence and ProgressionsStudy Now
4. Compound AnglesStudy Now
5. Trigonometric Function, Equations, and InequationsStudy Now
6. Solutions of TrianglesStudy Now
7. CirclesStudy Now
8. Straight Lines and Pair of LinesStudy Now
9. Binomial TheoremsStudy Now
10. Permutations and CombinationsStudy Now
11. Sets, Relations, and FunctionsStudy Now
12. Mathematical Inductions and ReasoningStudy Now

JEE Mains Preparation — Class 12 Maths Syllabus

Check the table below to study Maths topics from the Class 12 syllabus.

1. Limits, Continuity, and DifferentiabilityStudy Now
2. FunctionsStudy Now
3. Indefinite IntegrationStudy Now
4. Definite IntegrationStudy Now
5. Application of DerivativesStudy Now
6. Determinants and MatricesStudy Now
7. VectorsStudy Now
8. 3 Dimensional GeometryStudy Now
9. ProbabilityStudy Now
10. Differential EquationsStudy Now
11. Area Under CurveStudy Now

Knowing JEE Main 2022 Exam Pattern

The National Testing Agency has announced the paper pattern of JEE Main 2022. Knowing the exam structure, including the number of questions, subject-wise marks allotment, marking scheme and test duration, would help aspirants in building their exam preparation strategy.

The JEE Main exam pattern is provided below, in tabular format, for both the papers, B.Tech and B.Arch.

JEE Main Paper 1 (B.E./B.Tech) Exam Pattern

SubjectsTotal Given QuestionsCompulsory Attemptable QuestionsAllotted Marks

JEE Main Paper 2A (B.Arch) Exam Pattern

SubjectsTotal Given QuestionsCompulsory Attemptable QuestionsAllotted Marks
Aptitude Test5050200
Drawing Test22100

JEE Main Paper 2B (B.Plan) Exam Pattern

SubjectsTotal Given QuestionsCompulsory Attemptable QuestionsAllotted Marks
Aptitude Test5050200
Drawing Test2525100

JEE Advanced 2022 Information Brochure

JEE Main 2022 Preparation Plan

  • While aspirants have known the exam pattern and segregated JEE Main syllabus, the next stage is preparing a robust study plan for the engineering entrance exam. The experts suggest covering the topics which are easy to comprehend, as per one’s capability, before moving on to the medium-difficult and then to the most difficult ones.
  • The exam experts from Embibe advise that every individual has their own capability and hold over each topic. Basis their command over each of the subjects and thereby subject matters, the candidates need to prepare their study plan. This strategy will ensure two important points; firstly, candidates can utilise their preparation time according to their subject-difficulty level. Secondly, they get enough time for working on the weaker sections.
  • Preparing an actionable and executable plan for JEE Main 2022 is important because setting high bars with no self-context can lead to disappointments. However, the plan should be easily achievable, bit by bit, to confirm that no questions based on the topic go wrong in the examination paper.
  • For the JEE Main Preparation, toppers sharing their success mantra suggest referring to NCERT Books for conceptual clarity. The JEE Main toppers also advise the habit of note-making. According to the exam toppers, flashcards and short notes would prove quite handy during the last lap of preparation for JEE Main 2022.
  • Sharing tricks for cracking JEE Main paper, the top rankers have also shared that they would always practice-related questions from past years’ papers after they have completed a chapter or a set of chapters of any subject. Advocating this practice, they are quoted saying, ‘Practicing the questions ensures that the learnt concepts of topics are being retained and can be solved in quick time.’
  • Sharing the tricks for JEE Main exam preparation, the toppers advise attempting mock tests, which can be chapter-wise, half-tests, or full tests.
  • Exam experts corroborating the preparation strategy suggest that not just attempting mock tests but analysis of the given tests is also important to gauge failures. ‘This is where an aspirant can improve on the weaker sections,’ share exam experts from Embibe.
  • Last but not least, both exam experts and toppers suggest taking small breaks in-between the study routine. According to psychologists, a 5-7 minutes break after every 45 minutes gives the human brain to recollect things done during the 45-minute window.

How to Crack JEE Mains?

NCERT Books for JEE Main 2022 Preparation

NCERT books should be your best friends during your JEE Mains preparation. The following are some of the best books for JEE Main preparation out of all JEE Main 2022 preparation books:

  1. DC Pandey and HC Verma are your go-to books to build concepts in Physics.
  2. SK Goyal would be ideal for Maths (Algebra). Maths is a scoring subject, and if you are referring to this book, you can easily score around 80%.
  3. OP Tandon is preferred by many aspirants to prepare for Chemistry.

Candidates can also go for JEE Main study material database present at Embibe to prepare well for the exam.

JEE Mains Preparation 2022: Reference Books

Candidates can refer to the below listed recommended books to prepare for JEE Main 2022:

Physics Books for JEE Main Preparation

  • Concepts of Physics (Vol. 1 and 2) by H.C Verma
  • Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick and Walker
  • Understanding Physics by DC Pandey (Arihant Publications): Set of books for
    •  Electricity and Magnetism
    • Mechanics (Vol. 1 & 2)
    • Optics and Modern Physics
    • Waves and Thermodynamics
  • Problems in General Physics by Irodov
  • Understanding Physics by Freedman and Young
  • Problems in Physics by SS Krotov
  • Problems and solutions of Physics by Shashi Bhushan Tiwari

Chemistry Books for JEE Main Preparation

  • NCERT Textbooks (Class XI and Class XII)
  • Modern Approach to Chemical calculations by R C Mukherjee
  • Organic Chemistry by O P Tandon
  • Concept of Physical Chemistry by P Bahadur
  • Physical Chemistry by P.W. Atkin
  • Organic Chemistry by Morrison & Boyd

Mathematics Books for JEE Main Preparation

  • Objective Mathematics by R D Sharma
  • Plane Trigonometry by S L Loney
  • The Elements Of Coordinate Geometry by S L Loney
  • Algebra by Dr S K Goyal Arihant Publications
  • Play with Graphs by Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications)
  • Differential Calculus by Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications)
  • Integral Calculus by Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications)
  • Integral Calculus by Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications)

Practising Previous Years’ JEE Main Question Papers

Since the JEE Main June session is approaching, it is time for candidates to start preparing for the exam. Solving the previous years’ papers on Embibe will help aspirants understand the difficulty level, syllabus coverage, ideal time for each question, questions involved with multiple concepts, repetitive nature of concepts, improved preparation level, etc.

Candidates can refer to the JEE Main question paper (previous years) links tabulated below and prepare for JEE Main 2022 exam.

JEE Main 2021 Question Paper

Candidates can refer to the links tabulated below to access the JEE Main 2021 question papers:

JEE Mains February DatesShift 1 Question PaperShift 2 Question Paper
23 February 2021Download HereDownload Here
24 February 2021Physics

25 February 2021Physics
26 February 2021Physics
JEE Mains March DatesShift 1 Question PaperShift 2 Question Paper
16 March 2021Chemistry
17 March 2021Maths
18 March 2021Physics
JEE Mains July DatesShift 1 Question PaperShift 2 Question Paper
20 July 2021Physics
22 July 2021Physics
25 July 2021Chemistry

27 July 2021Chemistry

JEE Main Question Paper 2020 – January Session

Follow the links tabulated below to access the JEE Main 2020 (January session) question papers:

PaperTest Link
JEE Main 2020 Paper 7th January – Shift 1Take Test
JEE Main 2020 Paper 7th January – Shift 2Take Test
JEE Main 2020 Paper 8th January – Shift 1Take Test
JEE Main 2020 Paper 8th January – Shift 2Take Test
JEE Main 2020 Paper 9th January – Shift 1Take Test
JEE Main 2020 Paper 9th January – Shift 2Take Test

JEE Main Exam Day Strategy

While the aspirants have burnt the midnight oil during their preparation phase, they need to bring in their action on a decisive day, i.e., when they sit for attempting the real paper in the examination hall.

The exam experts advise maintaining the cool and avoiding being unnecessarily stressed out. As mentioned in the JEE Main 2022 hall ticket, the candidates need to check their allotted examination centre a day before the exam day. Further, they need to pack the essential items, including two copies of the printed admit card, handy, a night before the exam.

The toppers sharing their JEE Main exam day tricks told that stressing out at the last minute is always harmful, as you unnecessarily pressurise your brain, and there are chances that a test-taker can end up making mistakes in the most practised questions. Rather, the test takers should concentrate on revising the memorised concepts and remain satisfied with all that is retained for the exam.

What Does Embibe Offers for JEE Main 2022 Preparation?

Embibe provides candidates with India’s first personalised and score improvement testing platform. The platform has a unique AI-enabled tool to help exam aspirants like you with personal mentoring and overcome the challenges they face in scoring by showing where and how to improve.

  1. It keeps track of every movement you make on the website and points to the key areas where you are lagging.
  2. It keeps track of the time spent by a student on every question, and this data helps the student increase speed and accuracy while taking a test.
  3. It gives personalised suggestions on how to improve your exam-taking strategy, time management skills, and question selection skills.
  4. It rates how much effort you put in your preparation.
  5. It helps you build your stamina to sit for long hours to take a test without getting exhausted. 

JEE Main Last Years’ Questions Papers

To clear the JEE Main, solving the previous year’s papers must be a part of the candidate’s JEE Main 2022 preparation. It will help candidates get an idea and feel of the actual exam paper, adding a whole new dimension to JEE Main preparation 2022. Along with the JEE Main last year’s question papers, Embibe provides candidates with answer keys and solutions.

JEE Main Cut-Off Marks

The JEE Main cut-off indicates the required minimum marks to get admission to the participating colleges. The examination authorities consider the following factors while determining the JEE Main cut-off.

  1. Number of applications received
  2. Number of questions asked in the paper
  3. The difficulty level of the exam
  4. Performance of the candidates
  5. Previous years’ cut-off trends

JEE Mains Cut-off Trend

The JEE Main 2022 cut-offs will be released after the JEE Main exam is concluded. Candidates can refer to the previous year’s JEE Main cut-offs to get an idea of the cut-off trends:


JEE Main cut-off marks are to be kept in mind while going ahead with your preparation. Remember to solve as many questions as you can during practice.

Engineering Colleges Accepting JEE 2022 Scores

Candidates can check the list of top engineering colleges that accept JEE Main score, JEE Advanced score, and various other engineering entrance exam scores for admission.

Top Engineering Colleges in India
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List of Government Colleges Under JEE Main
Top Engineering Colleges Accepting JEE Main Score
Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu
Top 25 Private Engineering Colleges in India
Top Engineering Colleges in Chennai
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Top Engineering Colleges in Pune
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Top Engineering Colleges in Jaipur

FAQs about JEE Main Preparation 2022

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to preparing for JEE Main 2022 exam effectively:

Q.1: Has the registration window for session 2 of JEE Main 2022 been opened?

Ans: Yes, the NTA opened the JEE Main Session 2 (July Session) registration window from June 1. It will be open till June 30, 2022.

Q.2: Are NCERT books sufficient for JEE Main 2022 preparation?

Ans: No, NCERT books are not sufficient for JEE Main 2022 preparation. Candidates must refer to other books and practice from previous year’s question papers and mock tests to prepare well for the exam.

Q.3: Can I prepare for JEE Main 2022 in 1 month?

Ans: Though it is very challenging to prepare for JEE Main in just one month, if candidates have a well-articulated plan and if they stick to the most effective exam-taking strategies, they are most likely to crack the test. They can also consider their previous plan of Class 12 examinations, and cover NCERTs and other reference books thoroughly, with a well-thought-out plan and dedication.

Q.4: Can candidates pay the fee for two JEE Main sessions together?

Ans: Yes, candidates can pay for both the JEE Main 2022 sessions together.

Q.5: Should I take JEE Main mock tests every day?

Ans: No, it is not necessary to take JEE Main 2022 mock tests every day. Since it is recommended to sit for a mock test for the full exam duration, it might become tedious for candidates to appear for a 3-hour mock test every day.

Know about JEE Main 2022 exam sessions

JEE Main June SessionJEE Main July Session

Regular mock tests will boost your confidence, so attempt the unlimited free JEE Mock Tests available on Embibe.

We hope this detailed article on JEE Main preparation 2022 plan helps you.

Embibe wishes you good luck for JEE Main 2022!

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