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4 Incorrect Questions in JEE Main 3rd April 2016


The Fantastic 4! Here are the 4 questions that stumped students in the JEE Main exam.  The questions were unfortunately incorrect, leading to at least a few panic attacks in the exam halls today.

Here’s the roundup –

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1) Maths – The Binomial Expansion!

Q. 67 of Set E, Q. 48 of Set F, Q. 17 of Set G and Q. 39 of Set H

The trick to this is figuring out the number of possible terms in terms of n. <Spoiler Alert> The number of terms is 2n+1. This makes the question (in its current form) completely impossible.

Read the full explanation below (with the possible alternative question!) –
Binomial Expansion Incorrect Question JEE Main 2016

Or you can watch the video solution –

JEE Main 2016 (Offline) – Maths Incorrect Question from embibe.com.

2 and 3) Physics Multicorrect (incorrect?) questions

We know that two wrongs don’t make a right. But in this case, two rights make a wrong!

These two physics questions have two possible right answers (each) though they are both single correct questions. Though the error is ‘obvious’ or ‘logical’, it raises interesting questions about what really is ‘logical’ and how you need to be more logically rigorous in disproving an equation than proving it! (<sniff> smells like maths in here!)

Read the full explanation here –

Physics Multiple Correct Questions JEE Main 2016

Or, watch the videos –

JEE Main 2016 (Offline) – Physics Incorrect Question 2 from embibe.com

And the second –

JEE Main 2016 (Offline) – Physics Incorrect Question 1 from embibe.com.

4) Organic Chemistry – Find the Hydrocarbon

This is a case of TMI (Too Much Information!) The question could have been correct if not for including an unnecessary constraint – 330 mL.  You can read the complete explanation here –

Hydrocarbon Problem – JEE Main 2016 Chemistry Incorrect Question

Watch the video here!

JEE Main 2016 (Offline) – Chemistry Incorrect Question from embibe.com.
[cta id=”39649″ vid=”2″]

BONUS : A Question even coaching classes got wrong!

This poor question was charged of being incorrect by many coaching institutes. But as we all know, innocent until proven guilty!

This is (predictably) a maths question. It shows the level of imagination and rigor required to truly tackle problems in mathematics.

Even many experienced professors failed to find the ‘third‘ possible mysqladmin of this equation.

Read about it here!

Math Question Incorrectly Solved

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