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6th Haryana Board Topics


You can’t learn to run if you don’t know how to walk. You can’t learn to walk if you don’t know how to stand up. Hence, this proves that every small step is crucial for something big and important in our lives. Similarly, you can’t learn the entire chapter without thoroughly going through the topics. As a student of Haryana Board Class 6, you need to go through every chapter thoroughly. 

Turning the pages and searching for the topics to study in a chapter can be time-consuming and you may feel bored too. What if we tell you that you can find all the topics under one roof? You are likely to be shocked. Well, that is possible with Embibe. On Embibe, you can find 150+ 3D videos explaining the concepts of topics of every chapter. Want to learn how Embibe can help you with easier exam preparation? Read the article further to know the 6th Haryana Board topics.

Access Haryana Board Class 6 Subject-wise Topics

The chapters are like branches of a tree that not only complete it but help us identify what the tree is about. Similarly, when every chapter of a subject is studied carefully, you can score higher marks in the exam. As a Class 6 Haryana Board student, you must focus on every chapter carefully to finish your syllabus on time.

You can find the topics for all the chapters of Science and Maths for from Embibe. Unlike your traditional learning method, you do not have to go through text-heavy books. All you have to do is create an account at Embibe, download the videos for the topics and enhance your exam preparation. There are 150+ 3D videos and 350+ practice questions regarding the topics. Each of these learning materials would help you become familiar with the chapter. Furthermore, you can also take mock tests for all these topics.

Haryana Board Class 6 Maths Topics

Every topic in Maths is crucial so that you can prepare for the exams in a proper manner. You must refer to the topics carefully on Embibe so that you can prepare for the exams in a better way. For better understanding of the topics, you may refer to the table below:

Chapter No. Chapter NameTopics
1Knowing Our NumbersComparing Large Numbers
Large Numbers in Practice
Estimation of Large Numbers
Using Brackets Roman Numerals
2Whole NumbersIntroduction to Whole Numbers
The Number Line
Properties of Whole Numbers
Patterns in Whole Numbers
3Playing with NumbersFactors and Multiples
Prime and Composite Numbers
Prime Factorisation
Tests for Divisibility of Numbers
Common Factors and Common Multiples
4Basic Geometrical IdeasPointLine Line and Its Properties
Intersecting Lines
Parallel Lines
5Understanding Elementary ShapesMeasuring Line Segments
Perpendicular Lines
Classification of Triangles
6IntegersNegative Numbers
Introduction to Integers
Addition of Integers
Subtraction of Integers
7FractionsProper and Improper Fractions
Equivalent Fractions
Like Fractions
Comparing Fractions
Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
8DecimalsBasics of Decimals
Comparing Decimals Using Decimals
Addition and Subtraction of Decimals
9Data HandlingIntroduction to Data Handling
PictographBar Graph
11AlgebraIntroduction to Algebra
Expression with Variables
Introduction to Equation
Use of Variables in Common Rules
Introduction to Equation
12Ratio and ProportionRatioProportion
Unitary Method
13SymmetryIntroduction to Symmetry
Figures with Multiple Lines of Symmetry
Reflection and Symmetry
14Practical GeometryIntroduction to Practical Geometry
The Circle
Line Segment
Construction of Angles

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Haryana Board Class 6 Science Topics

Science can play an important role in helping you learn not only for exam preparation but also for daily life. If you want to prepare for the Haryana Board Class 6 Science topics, you may refer to the table below: 

Chapter No. Chapter NameTopics
1Food – Where does it come from?Food Variety
Food Materials and Sources
Animal Parts and Animal Products as Food
What do Animals Eat?
2Components of FoodFood and Its Components
Biochemical Tests
Importance of Nutrients
3Fibre to FabricVariety in Fabrics
Plant fibres
4Sorting Materials into GroupsObjects Around Us
Properties of Materials
5Separation of SubstancesIntroduction to Separation of Substances
Methods of Separation
Water as a Solvent
6Changes Around UsReversible and Irreversible Changes
Ways to Bring About Changes
7Getting to Know PlantsRoots
8Body MovementsHuman Body and Its Components
Gait of Animals
9The Living Organisms and Their SurroundingsOrganisms and Surroundings
Habitat and Adaptation
Characteristics of Organisms
10Motion and Measurement of DistancesModes of Transport
Measurements of Length
Units of Measurements
11Light, Shadows and ReflectionShadowsPinhole Camera
Mirrors and Reflections
12Electricity and CircuitsElectric Cell
Electric Circuit
Electric Switch
13Fun With MagnetsDiscovery of Magnets
Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Materials
Poles of Magnet
14WaterSources of Water
Water Cycle
Conservation of Water
15Air Around UsPresence of Air Around Us
Composition of Air
Oxygen, Soil and Water
16Garbage In, Garbage OutDealing with Garbage
Recycling of Paper

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Haryana Board Class 6 Important Chapters

Below are some important chapters for Haryana Board class 6:

Food: Where Does It Come From?Components Of Food
Fibre To FabricSorting Materials Into Groups
Separation Of SubstancesChanges Around Us
Getting To Know PlantsBody Movements

FAQs on Haryana Board Class 6 Topics

Below are some frequently asked questions for the 6th Haryana Board topics:

Q: What are the topics included for the Haryana Board Class 6 Science Chapter 16?

Ans: The Haryana Board Class 6 Science Chapter 16 includes topics – Dealing with Garbage, Vermicomposting, Think and Throw, Recycling of Paper, and Plastics Boon or Curse. 

Q: How many topics should I prepare from Haryana Board Class 6 Maths Chapter 10?

Ans: If you want to prepare for the Haryana Board Class 6 Maths Chapter 10 in a proper manner, you should go through the two topics- Area and Perimeter. 

Q: Where can I find all the important topics for Haryana Board Class 6?

Ans: You can find all the important topics for Haryana Board Class 6 Maths and Science on Embibe for. 

Q: Can I find topic-wise practice questions for the Haryana Board Class 6 exams at Embibe?

Ans: Yes, you can find topic-wise practice questions for the Haryana Board Class 6 exams at Embibe.

Q: In how many languages can I access the 6th Haryana Board topics at Embibe?

Ans: You can access the 6th Haryana Board topics for Maths and Science in Hindi and English from Embibe. Embibe provides the exclusive benefit of accessing these learning materials in Hindi. 

If you are looking for the topics that you must prepare for the 6th Haryana Board exams, you can find it all on Embibe. We hope this article has been helpful and will assist you in exam preparation in a better way. 

Till then, you may subscribe to Embibe to receive further updates on Haryana Board Class 6 exams. 

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