Best Book for Preparing for the GATE Exam in Mechanical Engineering
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  • Written By Fairy Dharawat
  • Last Modified 18-05-2022
  • Written By Fairy Dharawat
  • Last Modified 18-05-2022

What Is the Best Book for Preparing for the Gate Exam in Mechanical Engg?

Vinayak Manoji says on Quora-
1. Thermodynamics — P K Nag.
2. Fluid mechanics — Bansal/ Modi & Seth /SOM
(Bansal is simple and up to the mark.. Modi & Seth is a good book for clearing concepts.. SOM is a good book if you are good in vector mechanics and differential equations)
3. Heat and mass transfer  — Sachdeva/Holman
(Sachdeva & Holman books are the same, fundamentals of heat and mass transfer by Sachdeva is the Indian edition of Holman book).
4. SOM — B.C. Punamia / Timoshenko.
(Punamia is good for both concept and problems… Timoshenko gives full clarity of all concepts but you won’t find GATE related problems)
5 . I C engine — Mathur & Sharma / V Ganeshan
(I used V Ganesha book its good and have sufficient problems… Mathur & Sharma is also a good book I heard it from a friend but I never used)
6. Material science — Narula & Narula / Callister / IP Singh
( Callister is very good but very vast if you time then refers some times.. Narula & Narula and IP Singh are good books for GATE point of view).
7. Theory of Machines and Mechanical vibration– SS Rattan.
8. Machine Design —   Bhandari/ Shigley.
(Bhandari is the perfect book for GATE and IES… Shigley is a very good book for concept).
9. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning–  P. K Nag /CP Arora Domkundwar
10. Industrial Engg — O. P. Khanna Buffa & Sarin
(for Industrial Engg I used handmade notes, so i am not sure of how Khanna book is, you can take the help of others to decide the book)
11. Operational research — Kanti Swarup/ SD Sharma.
12. Manufacturing Process — P N Rao Vol 1& 2/ R K Jain/ Hajra & Choudhary/S K Mondal notes which is available in major book houses.
Or A textbook on Production Engineering- Dr Swadesh Singh.
(while preparing for MP be a little choosy and stick to the syllabus,   because as per my knowledge no book will give you  complete  information,  but I am not sure)
13. Mathematics –BS Grewal/Erwin Kreyszig
(Both   books are good, if you like maths then go for Erwin Kerysing book, a really good book and vast… or else for simple GATE preparation  Grewal;  is more than enough)
14. Aptitude — As an engineer, I don’t think we need a book for GATE aptitude, but still one can refer to Agarwal book.

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