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Uttarakhand Board Class 10 Syllabus 2023


Uttarakhand Board Class 10 Syllabus: The Uttarakhand Board of School Education (UBSE) creates the framework for all academic activities in Class 10. The Uttarakhand Board Class 10 syllabus is curated with a view to extend world-class education to the students. The topics taught in the syllabus help students create a strong foundation in many concepts which will be helpful for them for higher education. Also, the question papers for UBSE Class 10 board exam are set from the syllabus and no questions are asked from outside sources. Thus, referring to the 10th Uttarakhand Board syllabus is enough to obtain meritorious score.

In this article, we have provided all the chapters included in the syllabus of UBSE 10th class. Students are advised to be thorough with their syllabus so that they know which topics they will study during the academic year and prepare a study routine that ensures comprehensive conceptual understanding in each chapter. Continue reading to access the Uttarakhand Board 10th class syllabus. 

Uttarakhand Board Class 10 Subject-wise Syllabus

Students who aim to pass the UBSE Class 10 board exam with flying colours are advised to know the Uttarakhand Board Class 10 subject-wise syllabus by-heart. They should gain understanding in each chapter topic and solve sample questions on them. It will help them be ready to face any type of question in the exam from any topic. Embibe provides 3D explanatory videos on all the topics covered in the 10th Uttarakhand Board syllabus. Thus, students can combine their school books and Embibe videos to develop a strong base in the chapters. Embibe also offers hundreds of practice questions and unlimited mock tests to practice and test the concepts.

10th Uttarakhand Board Syllabus for Maths

Many students fear Maths and end up making silly mistakes in the final exam. But students can score full marks in this subject. The best way to cover the entire 10th Uttarakhand Board syllabus for Maths is to first understand each topic and immediately solve Maths sample questions till students memorise the formulas and can solve the problems correctly in a single attempt. Refer to Embibe website to learn the topics and get questions to practice. The syllabus of Uttarakhand Board Class 10 Maths is given below: 

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1.Real Numbers
3.Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
4.Quadratic Equations
5.Arithmetic Progressions
7.Coordinate Geometry
8.Introduction to Trigonometry
9.Some Applications of Trigonometry
12.Areas Related to Circles
13.Surface Areas and Volumes

10th Uttarakhand Board Syllabus for Science

Science can be effectively learnt with the help of visualisation of the concepts. Students should take the help of Embibe’s videos to watch and learn the concepts covered in 10th Uttarakhand Board Science syllabus. It will help them retain the information for longer duration and also write better answers in the exam.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1.Chemical Reactions and Equations
2.Acids, Bases and Salts
3.Metals and Non-Metals
4.Carbon and Its Compounds
5.Periodic Classification of Elements
6.Life Processes
7.Control and Coordination
8.How do Organisms Reproduce?
9.Heredity and Evolution
10.Light – Reflection and Refraction
11.The Human Eye and the Colourful World
13.Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
14.Sources of Energy
15.Our Environment
16.Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

10th Uttarakhand Board Syllabus for Social Science

The syllabus of Uttarakhand Board Class 10 Social Science includes chapters on History, Geography, Political Science, and Economics. Thus, students have to retain a wide variety of information and write relevant answers to fetch maximum marks in the exam. Refer to the table below to know the Social Science syllabus and prepare each chapter in detail:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1.The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
2.Nationalism in India
3.The Making of a Global World
4.The Age of Industrialisation
5.Print Culture and the Modern World
6.Resources and Development
7.Forest and Wildlife Resources
8.Water Resources
10.Mineral and Energy Resources
11Manufacturing Industries 
12Lifelines of National Economy
13Power Sharing
15Democracy and Diversity
16Gender, Religion and Caste
17Popular Struggles and Movements
18Political Parties
19Outcomes of Democracy
20Challenges to Democracy
22Sectors of the Indian Economy
23Money and Credit
24Globalisation and Indian Economy
25Consumer Rights

FAQs on Uttarakhand Board Class 10 syllabus

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on Uttarakhand Board Class 10 Syllabus:

Q.1: Where can I get the Uttarakhand Board Class 10 syllabus?

Ans: Students can get the Uttarakhand Board Class 10 syllabus from this page.

Q.2: In which languages is the 10th Uttarakhand Board syllabus available on Embibe?

Ans: On the Embibe app, the Uttarakhand Board Class 10 syllabus is available in English and Hindi languages.

Q.3: How will knowing the UBSE Class 10 syllabus help me for exam preparation?

Ans: The syllabus of 10th Uttarakhand Board outlines the chapters and topics that students have to study to prepare for the Board exam. Thus, students do not need to study any additional topics. This will prevent them from wasting time on gathering unnecessary information.

Q.4: How many Maths practice questions are there for 10th Uttarakhand Board on Embibe?

Ans: There are 500+ practice questions for Uttarakhand Board Class 10 Maths on Embibe app.

Q.5: How many chapters are there in the 10th Uttarakhand Board Science syllabus?

Ans: There are 16 chapters in the 10th Uttarakhand Board Science syllabus.

We hope this article on Uttarakhand Board Class 10 syllabus was helpful to you. Stay tuned to Embibe for latest updates on 10th Uttarakhand Board exam.

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