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Haryana Police SI Predicted Question Paper 2021: HSSC SI Free Predicted Test


Haryana Police SI Predicted Question Paper: The Government of Haryana conducts the Haryana Police SI exam to recruit for the Sub Inspector post. This year, the exam is scheduled for Sunday, September 26, 2021. As an applicant, you must’ve been preparing very hard all year to crack this exam. To help you further, we have created the Haryana Police SI Predicted Question Paper.

Haryana Police SI Predicted Question Paper 2021

Many of you who have come across this concept for the first time might be curious about what a predicted paper is. In the past, Embibe has already added many new words in your dictionary like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science etc. Now, let’s add another one: Predicted Paper. A predicted paper is nothing but a question paper created by our team, which is very similar to what we expect to come in this year’s actual question paper.

How is it Possible to Predict a Question Paper?

As all of you know, we are India’s leading ed-tech platform that uses the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to give every aspirant the best chance at cracking the target exam. Our data science team uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create a predicted paper for Haryana Police SI using previous year papers and keeping in mind any updated guidelines or changes in the exam pattern.

How does Haryana Police SI Predicted Paper Actually Work?

Don’t worry. We are going to tell you exactly how we do it. Our data scientists have been working hard for you to analyse all the questions asked in the last few years. They then look at many different parameters like the following:

Difficulty Level: We ask what is the difficulty level of the questions in the actual paper over the years. Then, we match our predicted paper to have a similar overall difficulty level.

Syllabus Coverage (Chapter and Concept-wise): By analysing thousands of questions over many years of exams, we can pinpoint which areas of the syllabus tend to have more weightage for this exam. Then we make sure that the questions in our predicted paper have a similar weightage across the syllabus as actual exam papers.

Repetitive Nature of Concepts: This is similar to chapter coverage, but instead, we look at broad concepts and ask if there are concepts that repeatedly get asked. If so, how many questions on average appear in the exam from each concept? Then we look at our database curated by the subject matter experts and find questions for the predicted paper that also test you on the same concepts.

Skill-wise Distribution of Questions: We don’t stop just at broad difficulty levels. We dig deeper. Ask whether the questions in this exam mostly are more memory-based or analytical? We can do this because, with our cutting edge machine learning algorithms, we can analyse the question papers from previous years and meta-tag more than thousands of questions using different bloom levels. 

Ideal Time for Each Question: The strength of an AI-based algorithm is that it can also determine how much time, on average, is spent on every individual question. This means that when you go through the predicted paper, it will help you analyse your performance topic-wise and also let you know how good your time management skills are for the actual paper.

Questions with Multiple Concepts: Besides everything else mentioned above, our algorithm does something even more. In today’s competitive world, it is not only about studying chapter-wise and finishing the syllabus. Exams nowadays also have questions that make the candidate connect the information they’ve learnt across multiple topics by asking questions that involve connecting the dots between many different concepts.

So, we use data science and ask how many such questions can we expect in the 2021 paper, based on the data from previous years? Then we make sure that our predicted paper has similar levels of complexity as the actual paper, making sure that the predicted question paper is as challenging as the actual paper.

Our algorithm takes all this data and then generates a predicted paper. So now you know how the predicted paper is designed by using AI and machine learning. We then further put another check by making our human experts from the academic team look at the predicted paper and verify that it fits the best academic standards. Thus, we combine the power of technology and human expertise and can come up with a predicted paper very similar to the actual paper expected for this year’s exam.

So, What All of this Mean? 

All of this means that for those of you interested in the Haryana SI exam, taking the predicted paper is a good way to sharpen your skills. The score you get in the predicted paper will help you find out if your concepts are clear; Don’t worry if you don’t do well in some areas because our platform will help you get better at those.

The Learn, Practice, Test and Achieve sections are designed to make sure you are on track and will help to resolve all your doubts. The Points to Remember under Learn section will help you to revise all the important concepts quickly and easily, and the customised practice sessions under Achieve section will be very helpful for last-minute practice. 

If you find out that you are weak in a few chapters, you can also go through the topic/ chapter practice of chapter/ full tests with the help of the Practice and Test sections.

What are you waiting for? Go and attempt your test, and do write to us your feedback if you have any. We will be happy to hear from you.

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