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NIT Andhra Pradesh Cut-off 2022: Check Closing Rank, Category-wise Cut-off


NIT Andhra Pradesh Cut-off 2022: The Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) will release JEE Main cut-off 2022 for NIT Andhra Pradesh, Tadepalligudem, once the JEE Main counselling procedure is completed. The cut-off is simply the closing ranks of different categories and various courses offered at NIT Andhra Pradesh. The cut-off marks and rank will be different for different categories and courses.

In this article, we will be providing you with complete information related to NIT Andhra Pradesh, Tadepalligudem cut-off. This will cover all the parameters which determine the cut-off along with the trends for previous years of 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2018. Once NIT Andhra Pradesh cut-off 2022 is released, it will be updated on this page. Continue reading this article to know more.

NIT Andhra Pradesh Cut-off 2022

After the JoSAA 2022 counselling gets wrapped up, the authorities will be releasing the NIT Andhra Pradesh cut-off. Please note that JEE Main cut-off for NIT Andhra Pradesh will be in the form of closing ranks for different categories, gender, home state, as well as other state quotas and the various engineering courses offered at the institute.

Factors Determining NIT Andhra Pradesh Cut-off 2022

Here, we are listing all the possible factors that determine NIT Andhra Pradesh, Tadepalligudem cut-off:

  • Total number of applicants who appeared for JEE Main 2022
  • The difficulty level of the exam
  • The cutoff trends of JEE Main for the past year
  • Total number of seats available under different courses in NIT Andhra Pradesh
  • Branch preferences of the candidates who are placed higher on the merit list

Previous Years’ NIT Andhra Pradesh Tadepalligudem Cut-off

Currently, the NIT Andhra Pradesh cut-off 2022 has not been released. But, you can find the cut-off for the last four years, 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2018. This will help you estimate a rough idea about the closing ranks for various courses and categories.

NIT Andhra Pradesh Cut-off 2021

Category and stream-wise cut-off for NIT Andhra Pradesh is given here in the following table:


Course Name Category Male Female
Home State Other State Home State Other State
Bio Technology Open 43271 39478 43271 39478
EWS 6762 6337 6836 6337
OBC-NCL 13571 12488 17096 15574
SC 6507 7304 6507 7878
ST 2596 2393 2596 2393
Chemical Engineering Open 38340 35336 38340 38543
EWS 6120 5526 6120 7117
OBC-NCL 10575 11324 10575 12761
SC 6292 6720 6556 6720
ST 2013 1559 2013 1559
Civil Engineering Open 38829 38912 38829 40182
EWS 6214 5894 6664 6875
OBC-NCL 11732 11352 13801 14194
SC 6588 6264 6588 7814
ST 2082 1907 2985 1907
Computer Science and Engineering Open 13421 15078 13421 16885
EWS 2054 2422 2304 3648
OBC-NCL 4394 4921 5985 6867
SC 2527 3332 2527 4122
ST 1262 1156 1262 1247
Electronics and Communication Engineering Open 18762 22642 21079 25033
EWS 2894 3673 3210 4103
OBC-NCL 6395 6910 7609 9602
SC 3974 4546 3974 5305
ST 1936 1562 1936 1867
Mechanical Engineering Open 33176 33320 39154 38051
EWS 5282 5514 6693 6834
OBC-NCL 10100 10339 15223 14900
SC 5939 6652 6316 7399
ST 2459 2368 2459 2368
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Open 42169 40951 42169 44822
EWS 6484 6286 6484 7453
OBC-NCL 13000 12536 16259 17290
SC 6920 7602 6920 7602
ST 2512 2478 2512 2478
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Open 27218 27322 30170 32459
EWS 4314 4569 4771 4949
OBC-NCL 8518 9328 10580 11785
SC 4805 5927 4805 5927
ST 2169 2088 2169 2108

NIT Andhra Pradesh Cut-off 2020

The NIT Andhra Pradesh cut-off for 2020 is given here in the following table:

CoursesState / All India QuotaGenderOpenOpen PwDOBCOBC PwDSCST
Chemical EngineeringAIQMale4046226001345864512136
Chemical EngineeringAIQFemale4109226001360383302136
Chemical EngineeringSQMale451431368576693358
Chemical EngineeringSQFemale451431613876693358
Civil EngineeringAIQMale4309824821308063511638
Civil EngineeringAIQFemale4701324821308068661903
Civil EngineeringSQMale430888301268083957302382
Civil EngineeringSQFemale455848301296083958232382
Computer Science and EngineeringAIQMale16653531549634929241242
Computer Science and EngineeringAIQFemale19338531812934949241621
Computer Science and EngineeringSQMale14075204488626971289
Computer Science and EngineeringSQFemale14440204609728851289
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringAIQMale4720725071490284502400
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringAIQFemale5281725071490286652400
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringSQMale46463193914668135284313206
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringSQFemale46463193916556135284313206
Mechanical EngineeringAIQMale358426611127245357081880
Mechanical EngineeringAIQFemale396956611230845362661880
Mechanical EngineeringSQMale331731041248242380
Mechanical EngineeringSQFemale447951568051473505
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringAIQMale326831001490258741476
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringAIQFemale373971213890258741824
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringSQMale3112364210054 50641944
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringSQFemale3112364210079 51122364
Electronics and Communication EngineeringAIQMale26069926768243551710
Electronics and Communication EngineeringAIQFemale26069926985858351892
Electronics and Communication EngineeringSQMale21156280680338739072123
Electronics and Communication EngineeringSQFemale21156280814538739072123

NIT Andhra Pradesh Cut-off 2019

The NIT Andhra Pradesh cut-off for 2019 is given here in the following table:

Course NameCategoryMale (Home State)Male (Other State)Female (Home State)Female (Other State)
Mechanical EngineeringOBC76728793796912789
Computer Science and EngineeringOBC5365510060706562
Civil EngineeringOBC9175101001079711568
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringOBC7784881576039240
Chemical EngineeringOBC10554105271130014520
Electronics and Communication EngineeringOBC6035687669559165
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringOBC12168123861272415703

NIT Andhra Pradesh Cut-off 2018

The NIT Andhra Pradesh cut-off for 2018 is given here in the following table:

Course NameCategoriesHome State (Closing Rank)Other State (Closing Rank)
Mechanical EngineeringGeneral1728620264
Civil EngineeringGeneral2987518843
Computer Science and EngineeringGeneral72887020
Chemical EngineeringGeneral2332121720
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringGeneral1494811186
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringGeneral2962234543
Electronics and Communication EngineeringGeneral115017994
Mining EngineeringGeneral4498237920

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Here are some important questions asked by the aspirants related to NIT Andhra Pradesh, Tadepalligudem cut-off:

Q1. What is NIT Andhra Pradesh cut off?

Ans: NIT Andhra Pradesh cut-off is simply the closing rank of the admission seats. These cut-offs are different for each category and course available in the institute.

Q2. When the JEE Main cut-off for Andhra Pradesh will release?

Ans: NIT Andhra Pradesh cut-off will be released after the JoSAA counselling process is over.

Q3. What is last year’s cut-off of NIT Andhra Pradesh for CSE?

Ans: For 2020, the general cut-off for NIT Andhra Pradesh (CSE) was:
– Male (Home State): 14075
– Male (Other State): 16653
– Female (Home State): 14440
– Female (Other State): 19338

Now that you know everything about the NIT Andhra Pradesh cut-off, we hope that this article proves to be useful for you.

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