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NIT Puducherry Cutoff 2022: Check Category & Branch Wise Cutoff


NIT Puducherry Cut Off 2022: In order to get admission in NIT Puducherry, you need to clear the NIT Puducherry cut off scores. These scores are the minimum marks required in the JEE Main to be eligible for admission to NIT Puducherry. Upon clearing the NIT Puducherry cut off, candidates can participate in the counselling and seat allotment process.

Alternately, candidates who are not able to meet the JEE Main cut-off score will not be eligible for admission. However, you should note that merely attaining the cut-off score will not guarantee admission to NIT Puducherry. The cut-off is only the eligibility factor to move on to the next stage of the admission process of the institute.

NIT Puducherry Cut Off 2022

While the NIT Puducherry cut off 2022 will be available only after JoSSA Counselling gets completed, you can refer to the NIT Puducherry cut off marks of the previous years from 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017. This will help you get a fair idea of what the NIT Puducherry cut off for 2022 will be specifically. You should keep in mind that the NIT Puducherry cut off will be available category wise and branch wise. Furthermore, you will get the opening ranks and closing ranks specifications for each NIT college.

NIT Puducherry Previous Years Cut Off

Candidates can check the previous year JEE Main cut off for NIT Puducherry in the tables given below.
(HS – Home State, OS – Other State)

JEE Main NIT Puducherry Cut Off 2020

Here are the 2020 cut off scores for NIT Puducherry:

Course Category NameMale (HS)Male (OS)Female (HS)Female (OS)
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringGeneral1698152985511518830451
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringOBC6270787306270712085
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringEWS
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringSC277925144277925366
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringST17412721
Computer Science and EngineeringGeneral944241546711514616811
Computer Science and EngineeringOBC440425044440426891
Computer Science and EngineeringEWS837152575837152575
Computer Science and EngineeringSC154492751154492751
Computer Science and EngineeringST690348369032646
Mechanical EngineeringGeneral1857333127523051238947
Mechanical EngineeringOBC6402896267866214518
Mechanical EngineeringEWS56355635
Mechanical EngineeringSC321805420321807544
Mechanical EngineeringST21322132
Civil EngineeringGeneral2177504064421775040912
Civil EngineeringOBC76199121877619916199
Civil EngineeringEWS67217437
Civil EngineeringSC260916271260916271
Civil EngineeringST1986318431843
Electronics and Communication EngineeringGeneral1379202072213792025349
Electronics and Communication EngineeringEWS574293493732833493
Electronics and Communication EngineeringOBC5094866845094810397
Electronics and Communication EngineeringSC240604166240604166
Electronics and Communication EngineeringST126081385126081385

NIT Puducherry Cut Off 2019

Candidates can check the 2019 cut off scores in the following table:

Electronics and Communication EngineeringAll IndiaMale19231626339941796
Electronics and Communication EngineeringAll IndiaFemale2119171483842
Electronics and Communication EngineeringHSMale1669306608433400
Electronics and Communication EngineeringHSFemale683575260314876
Computer Science and EngineeringAll IndiaMale15164462723961272
Computer Science and EngineeringAll IndiaFemale1917661283350
Computer Science and EngineeringHSMale1345225660922789
Computer Science and EngineeringHSFemale1158375628024478
Civil EngineeringAll IndiaMale31813930748251320
Civil EngineeringAll IndiaFemale33371109635811
Civil EngineeringHSMale2469469654327668
Civil EngineeringHSFemale25647897715
Mechanical EngineeringAll IndiaMale25044835239062099
Mechanical EngineeringAll IndiaFemale34225116565637
Mechanical EngineeringHSMale18843681971238624138
Mechanical EngineeringHSFemale19365386148
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringAll IndiaMale26479812746301804
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringAll IndiaFemale26447962950652139
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringHSMale217380961133450413743
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringHSFemale1964489116320575

NIT Puducherry Cut Off 2018

Here are the 2018 cut off scores:

Course Name CategoryHS (Opening Rank)HS (Closing Rank)OS (Opening Rank)OS (Opening Rank)
Civil EngineeringGeneral68198183797601929391
Civil EngineeringOBC-NCL376806590965018423
Civil EngineeringSC117841178434933661
Civil EngineeringST938193819031134
Mechanical EngineeringGeneral395191119621140721831
Mechanical EngineeringOBC-NCL217514123355736876
Mechanical EngineeringSC5577845322842284
Mechanical EngineeringST11341384
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringGeneral306591706851597024659
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOBC-NCL412336926357617387
Electrical & Electronics EngineeringSC64951745028823605
Electronics and Communication EngineeringGeneral33078131048809818231
Electronics and Communication EngineeringOBC-NCL275825214853646378
Electronics and Communication EngineeringSC122272030318712817
Computer Science EngineeringGeneral30047114392788213676
Computer Science EngineeringOBC-NCL252456435525655382
Computer Science EngineeringSC116431418018142173
Computer Science EngineeringST752864

NIT Puducherry Cut Off 2017

Check the table below for 2017 cut off trends of this college:

NIT Puducherry Cut Off 2017 – General Category- Home State:

Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
Electronics & Communication Engineering21029143449
Computer Science & Engineering24162137807
Civil Engineering103569171737
Mechanical Engineering50706116258
Electrical & Electronics Engineering75020203241

NIT Puducherry Cut Off 2017 – General Category – Other State:

Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
Mechanical Engineering1507620873
Civil Engineering2172626929
Electronics & Communication Engineering1583821118
Computer Science & Engineering953016486
Electrical & Electronics Engineering1849723180

NIT Puducherry Cut Off 2017 – OBC-NCL Category – Home State:

Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
Computer Science & Engineering4208172622
Civil Engineering5205978659
Electrical & Electronics Engineering6820876816
Mechanical Engineering3850244668
Electronics & Communication Engineering4634962971

NIT Puducherry Cut Off 2017 – OBC-NCL Category – Other State:

Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
Computer Science & Engineering45685866
Civil Engineering73469231
Electrical & Electronics Engineering60558469
Mechanical Engineering66487558
Electronics & Communication Engineering56547267

NIT Puducherry Cut Off 2017 – SC Category – Home State:

Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
Computer Science & Engineering860020365
Mechanical Engineering550015204
Electronics & Communication Engineering703814108
Electrical & Electronics Engineering1555420814
Civil Engineering1393513935

NIT Puducherry Cut Off 2017 – SC Category – Other State:

Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
Electronics & Communication Engineering28783812
Computer Science & Engineering7403076
Civil Engineering42194611
Mechanical Engineering37994540
Electrical & Electronics Engineering32504870

NIT Puducherry Cut Off 2017 – ST Category – Home State:

Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
Electronics & Communication Engineering3599335993
Computer Science & Engineering2292222922
Civil Engineering3007330073
Mechanical Engineering362213498

NIT Puducherry Cut Off 2017 – ST Category – Other State:

Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
Electronics & Communication Engineering13241770
Civil Engineering15981598
Electrical & Electronics Engineering19462062
Mechanical Engineering16961696
Computer Science & Engineering21382219

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FAQs on NIT Puducherry Cut off 2022

Here are some most frequently asked questions on NIT-Puducherry:

Q1: Who will release the cut-off for NIT Puducherry?
A1: JEE Main cutoff for NIT Puducherry will be released by Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA).

Q2: What are the factors that determine the JEE Main Cut-off for NIT Puducherry?
A2: The parameters taken into consideration by the authorities while preparing the cutoff include the difficulty level of the exam, availability of seats, the applicants appeared, previous year cutoff trends.

Q3: What is the General Category NIT Puducherry cutoff for Electrical and Electronics Engineering?
A3: The NIT Puducherry cut off 2022 has not been released yet. The cut off for NIT Puducherry 2020 Electrical and Electronics Engineering (general category) is mentioned below:
Male (HS) – 169815
Male (OS) – 29855
Female (HS) – 115188
Female (OS) – 5551

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